O Tannenbaum-Asherah Pole

Have you ever noticed and I find it quite interesting how All major Liberal Anti -God and Anti-Jesus cities in the United States, boast in regard to the “Christmas Tree” and faithfully erect the tree that was cut down in the forest and secured that it not move, adorn it with silver and gold, and then have celebrations underneath its glow?

Jeremiah 10:1-5

What is the history , the origin of this ancient tribute? I mean not to put a damper on your festive occasions, but to me something seems clearly wrong with the removal of God; His Ten Commandments, and Christ Jesus and The Bible from almost every aspect of our society and yet this, as well the abominable symbols of eggs and bunnies (fertility) for the celebration of Passover and Resurrection Sunday, the Feast of First Fruits. Could it be these idolatrous observances have been implemented into church culture for so long now we dare not rock the boat nor ask the question; is this pleasing to God Our Father and His Son Christ Jesus (Yeshua) Our Redeemer? So as you hang your stocking this year and light your lights, forget the traditional “symbolism” we’ve been taught, via the doctrines of men and devils, and humbly ask The Lord to show (reveal) and lead you into truth. It is often described that December 25th aka The Winter solstice an ancient pagan observance celebrated this day as the day of the birth of Tammuz (Saturn) a re-born Nimrod by his wife-mother Semiramis (Ishtar/Asherah/Isis). Pagan Rome followed as did Egypt the gods of Babylon.

Genesis-Revelation The War between YHWH/Yeshua and Satan for Your Soul

No longer should we walk in darkness, for He has called us into His Kingdom of Light!

Half Dead humanity

The Road to Jericho

The story, a parable, of The Good Samaritan as told by Jesus the Messiah. Lk. 10:30-36 NIV

The Road to Jericho, also known as The Valley of the Shadow of Death (Ps.23), and The Bloody Way. This story at face value is a simple parable to understand as we are to Love our neighbor. I would like to pay a bit closer attention to the persons and names in the story, and perhaps pose a slightly deeper more spiritual impact as it unfolds, as to Who is the Good Samaritan. A “man” was going down from “Jerusalem” to “Jericho”

First lets look at Jericho, presumably the oldest city in the world.

Aside from being the “Oldest City in the World” it also happened to be as noted in the photo below, a “high” place. This is where Jesus overcame Satan’s temptation to have All the glory of the kingdom’s of the world if he would worship him, Satan. This is also the high place of astronomical worship to the Moon God, from where Jericho derives its name (Moon or lunar month). Coincidence? I think not. The oldest city, ruled by the deed holder of all the kingdoms of the world. How did he (Satan) acquire the deed? At the Fall of “Man” Adam whose name means “man” and his number is 6. In The Garden of Eden in Genesis Adam (man) rebelled against God and took from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This left Adam (man) in a HALF DEAD state of being, as he was now separated from God due to SIN, and delivered dominion of the world to the enemy of our souls. So back to our parable, a “man” Robbed, beaten left half dead, by a thief, a murderer, a destroyer, again sounding coincidental?

Jesus’ Tempting by Satan after 40 day fasting in the Judean Wilderness

The Devil is a Liar, A Thief, A Murderer, A Destroyer. He deceived man in the Garden, left him half dead, and robbed him of the dominion that was decreed to him at creation. Setting the stage for the arrival of The Good Samaritan. Seeing “Fallen” man (Adam) He (The Son of God) came to bind up the broken hearted, to heal the sick, to restore sight to the blind, the lame walk, to set the captive free. The Samaritan had compassion and bandaged his wounds, anointed the man with “Oil and Wine” to obvious here as for the elements of Holy Spirit anointing and Blood of The Covenant. We must now point out this story is about Jerusalem, Jericho, man, and a Good Samaritan. Jerusalem, most would say means The City of Peace which it does but that is only part of its defining framework. Jeru at its root means to instruct, teach, or show the way. Salem; means peace, but also implies in its root form; to complete to restore, to be safe in mind and body. What a powerful name! What a POWERFUL story that Christ Jesus laid out. So what I have attempted to point you to in this story this parable is not only was the Good Samaritan a parable to show us how we ought to Love one another, it reveals the truer understanding of John 3:16. Now as Jesus wraps up the parable, let us All take heart as we understand the day we live in. The man (Adam restored) was taken to an Inn to be cared for by the Inn Keeper for about two days, The Samaritan left a deposit to cover that until His return. After Jesus was crucified, died, buried, and resurrected. He sent a “deposit” a seal of guarantee, that He would return for those He has “restored”. That Deposit is the Holy Spirit, and we have been under His care for approximately two days, For a day unto the Lord is as a thousand years.

[2Cor. 1:21,22 5:5, Eph. 1:13,14 4:30, 2Ti. 2:19]

Glory to God Most High! We hunger and are longing for Your Return!!

Wisdom has Built Her House…

Luke 6:46-49

The house we are building, is it from wood, hay and stubble? Or is it made of gold silver, and other precious materials? Now is that house we are constructing set upon a Firm Foundation…A ROCK? Or is it built upon the ever shifting sands of time, the ebb and flow of the kingdoms of this world? The ROCK, the foundation, He changes not. The Chief Cornerstone is the stone that sets True and Straight the rest of the house, He it is that we Trust in and build upon. We can withstand the Storm that approaches as we remain Firmly fastened and secured, anchored to HIM!

Proverbs 9:1
Plaque in tunnels at base of Western Wall.

Take A Little Time…

Reflecting On The Grace and Goodness of The LORD

In this Crazy hectic, often chaotic at times, world we are attempting to survive and live in; COVID, p(l)andemic, world economies crumbling, 4 years of Anti-Trump to now a perhaps “altered” elections, lockdowns and mandates. Even in regards to congregating to celebrate an honoring for the blessings of liberty, although we are keeping our eyes on the Lord! Yet even in 2020; It is Always a Good thing to make sure to Stop and take a very good look at the blessings we have. Lord God, Our Good Shepherd in Heaven! I would like to just Thank you Lord God for the wonderful Richness of All Your Blessings in MY Life. For if were not for You I would be LOST.

My Life, my FAMILY, the country of my heart, friends, acquaintances, and the ability to work, and wage warfare (Eph. 6:10). The beauty of All the life you have displayed for us to behold, and the majesty of this place we call our TEMPORARY home. What splendor Awaits those who have accepted your gracious bounty of salvation. May The Lord Be Gracious To You All, and Give You Peace!

A Moment in Creation; What Glory Awaits!

I Thank You Lord Jesus for not only All the Wonderful blessings, but I want to Thank You and Praise you simply for WHO You Are!!! King Of KINGS!!! Majesty!

jer2329jb63 a watchmen on the wall

With ALL I am LORD I Thank and Bless Your Holy NAME!

A Branch, A Root and a Shoot

Isaiah 11:1-2

Garden Tomb Jerusalem 02/2020

The Spirit of The LORD will rest upon Him- The Spirit of Wisdom and of Understanding. The Spirit of Counsel and of POWER. The Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of The LORD.

What begins as a small and seemingly insignificant appearance (SHOOT) time or moment (event) with God when established, strengthened, and matured. Has in its very DNA (ROOT) the potential to become a Mighty and Powerful and Glorious Instrument (Branch) of Use for The Kingdom of God . As Followers of Christ Jesus may we continue in the pursuit of being established, strengthened, and matured; Anointed by The Holy Spirit in Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge. That we might bare the Fruit of Godly Council, Godly Fear, and Divine Power.

A tender Shoot, from the Root, grows to support, strengthen and become a Branch to bare FRUIT

A Rock, Precious Stones, A Glorious “Tent”

I would like to lay out for you a unique building, designed by a Master Architect, and Master builder. This building has been under construction for many many years, but its Blueprint was established and determined in ancient days. Please allow me to paraphrase God’s Word in order to walk us through this massive building project, in several phases of construction.

In Exodus 24:9-12, 32:15 Moses and the elders went up Mt. Sinai, and they saw God. Under his feet was like a pavement of Sapphire. The Lord told Moses to come up to Him and receive The tablets [Luchot ha-Berit in Hebrew has some ancient rabbinical teachings and as well as the Talmud describes them as a translucent blue cube or that when set together formed a 1 cubit cube] of Stone on which His WORD had been written-revealed on BOTH sides. This is the initial phase of Gods Dwelling Place, The establishment of His Foundation the Stone; His Law where His Throne abides.

Moses then asks to see The Glory of God; His Face, the reply given was; there is a Rock and a “cleft in The Rock” where I might hide you, and cover you as I pass by. Exodus 33,34. A Rock where man might stand in God’s Presence, a Blue (2:1) Cube, His Word to guide us and layout the precepts, the building code if you will. Jumping forward many centuries later we are presented with some striking imagery.

Daniel 2, 1Peter, Mat. 21:42-44

In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay, representing the kingdoms of the world, when in the fullness of time A Rock hewn out the The Mountain of God not by human hands was cast at the base of the statue representing the “kingdoms of the world ” were disintegrated and were no more. And the Rock grew until it filled the earth. Daniel 2:24-45 . A Glorious event and a glorious building is now under construction.

Whom do you say I am? You are The Christ (Messiah) Simon declared. And Jesus stated you are Peter (Petros: stone or piece of a bigger rock), and upon this Rock (Petra: Christ….) I will build MY ecclesia (church-Tabernacle/Temple/Tent ). Mt. 16:15-17


This Rock is the cornerstone, the one the builders rejected. We are the living precious stones the “petros” that are fitted together into a Holy tabernacle (Tent, Dwelling place for Gods Glory) 1Pt. 2:4-8; we are the Bride, the Tabernacle of the Lamb. The Fallen Tent of David (Amos 9:11). That which John saw coming down out of heaven The New Jerusalem, is the same cube Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream, that which is shown destroying the kingdoms of this world. Is the same Cube handed to Moses. We must all reach the fullness of Christ in us that is the Hope of Glory. His Word that is Christ Jesus, given in symbolism on a fiery Mountain top, just as He came in the Flesh, to establish His Kingdom, His Will conveyed through His Word/LAW, to build Stone by Precious Stone as we mature and become Like Him, the Word made flesh written on our hearts and minds a building not built with human hands. A Dwelling Place on earth for Him to inhabit while we the Living Precious Stones encircle in Worship our Glorious God and King. Eph. 2:20-22, Ps. 118:22, Is 28:16, Zech 3:8-9

1500 Miles CUBED

Revelation 21: 15-19

Strength thru Devotion

Fear not and Be of a Strong Courage, for The Lord Your God will be with you Wherever you go. I will Never leave you nor forsake you.

Jesus (Yeshua) told His followers I Will be with you, ALWAYS. Since we have this Great Testimony from The Lord God himself confirmed in should not this alone strengthen our resolve to live a surrendered life to Him today. Surrendered to His Will, to His Spirit, to His Way. And as we offer ourselves as a “living” sacrifice; dead to ourselves but Alive in Him he shall enable us to Stand in the face of our adversary and our adversity, with confidence and steadfast faith, that He is able to deliver us through the waters and the fire.

Joshua 1: 6, Deut. 31:6, Mt.28:20

Arise Oh Mighty Warrior: Kumi Ori

Judges 5:12

Eph. 5:14

Isaiah 60:1

Sword of The Spirit The WORD of GOD

Awaken you Sleeper

Is THE Call to The Church, far too long has His Bride been asleep. Not diligent in its purpose (See Devoted to God Post). The world has been the world and the church has been complicit in its abdication of duty and responsibility. Sure we have seen “mega” churches, yet the Truth is the Church has been absent. A weak watered down message that has tickled too many ears for too long. “Catch more flies with honey than vinegar” was a recent mantra. We are not in the business of catching flies, there remains only one lord of the flies, and it is not The Lamb of God! We are called, Commissioned to rescue men from the FIRE, from judgement, escaping the flames of eternal damnation and we act as though its a game! It should not surprise anyone to hear the Words of Our Lord and Savior when he says “DEPART, from me workers of iniquity I NEVER, knew you”!

ARISE from the Dead

The world has been IN the church to the point where one might be hard pressed to tell a “church goer” from a worldly unbeliever. He is calling US Out, to be separated at THIS Time. we are called to be imitators of Christ Jesus, “followers of The Way”, disciples; discipline is in the name! Ambassadors, joint heirs it is TIME we as The Body begin to act and function as such.

And CHRIST will Shine upon You

The Light of His presence should manifest and reveal the darkness, and expose it. To take into captivity the “Darkness”, the evil, all the ungodliness that surrounds us in this present day.

Barak “Lightning” Son of Abinoam “Father of delight or pleasantness”, we might apply it this way; When we as sons of The Most High God, whom The Spirit cries Abba Father, rise to battle against the hordes of hell He will take delight in or find it pleasant for us to break forth like lightning. As lightning flashes from the East to the West so Will The appearing of The Son of Man be. May WE declare His WORD with BOLDNESS and Make HIM KNOWN! Arise and Shine!

Even the Air is Purified by HIS Radiant Splendor

A Shaking

Several months ago the Lord spoke into my spirit He was about the do a shaking. I believe this was prior to my trip to Israel in February. What I would like to attempt to do is relay this short little message of how I believe The LORD is moving.

The Word SHAKING is what came to me, He stirred in my heart that He was about to “SHAKE” ; that was the burden in my spirit, so I went to The WORD. The following is the result of that encounter.

[Shaking; to once again SHAKE to remove that which may be shaken.

“I am the Vine you are the branches, you can bare no fruit apart from me”.

How tenaciously We Must CLING to The Vine!

SHAKING: To See What Remains

The trials and testing’s that will ultimately determine the depth and strength of our FAITH is there not only for “our” benefit”, but also that The Lord may have true vessels to minister through to build His church and reach those that are longing for a relationship with Him.

Who for the GLORY that awaited him on the other side Endured…

We must understand and recognize The Glory that waits in store for ALL who remain Steadfast…”patient endurance”.

Overcome: Blood of The Lamb, word of Our Testimony!]

The Lord is doing a Mighty work in the earth, primarily in America. He is Shaking to see what Abides…. A remnant to fulfill His purpose, equipped and empowered by His Holy Spirit for THIS time. I exhort and encourage you brothers and sisters of Christ Jesus;

Do Not shrink back Do Not Let go.

Our FAITH must be Steadfast and Determined to remain ABIDING in HIM!