A Family Name (pt. 2)

In the original post ” A Family Name” I left with a thought to carry over or to ponder upon that is to meditate (chew the cud). That thought or principal is a Truth that identifies who we are IN Christ. If we start our journey as “Baby Believers” but never mature into a full understanding of the Authority, Power, and Responsibility that comes along with that adoption into the Family of God Most High. How then can we, as a single member or congregational body ever hope to fulfill “The Great Commission” to GO into All the world baptize in the Name of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and to make disciples of All the nations .

Jesus told His disciples that it was better for them (us) that He go, so that He could send another, that is The Holy Spirit. Again, He states that we as disciples of Jesus and endued with the Power of The Holy Spirit would do Greater works than He himself demonstrated. These “works” are the signs and wonders that are evident throughout the entirety of scripture yet we will remain solely focused on the aspect of New Testament Spirit filled believers as documented for us in The Book of Acts, and various epistle writings. A Resurrected Messiah declared “All Authority has been given unto ME”. Now by ALL He certainly means ALL, and He has given this Authority to His ambassadors in the earth (ecclesia) living stones – believers disciples, which is The Church to continue His ministry while He is on the task that He embarked on which is to prepare a place for His Bride, for those that believe in His Name.

We as believers are identified as Joint-Heirs of the Messiah. As Joint-heirs, it prophetically describes and declares us as a fulfilment as equal brothers and sisters to our brother and friend Jesus (Yehsua HaMashiach). Paul writes in that we have been blessed with ALL spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus, once again ALL means ALL. The Lord has graciously provided ALL that we need to not only overcome, but to be fully equipped to walk in the authority and power of His Name and Position, we represent and carry with in us the Divine nature and attributes of The Living and Eternal God of ALL things. We must therefore begin to become fully aware and walk in the “knowledge” of who and what we are in Christ Jesus. By knowledge I am not speaking of simple intellectual knowledge but a more biblical application of “knowledge” which would imply a more intimate revelatory relationship, that comes from spending time with and IN Him. And the two shall become One.

So for The Family Name and The Household of God; Honor it, Respect it, Represent it well.

HIS Name, HIS Dwelling Place – The Family Name
The LORD’s House as it was the place for His Name; you heart and mind are now the place He chooses to dwell.

As a Holy Roar is about to be heard throughout the world there will be many that are moved and drawn close to the Fire of the Altar of God. It is for this time that we must all be called to account for our Witness and our Testimony of Jesus The Christ, Son of God, God Incarnate…He Who WAS and Who IS and Who IS TO COME!

Matthew 28, Acts, Romans 8, & Ephesians 1: Readings

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