New World Order/Old World Agenda

A New World Order has been under way since the original Tower of Babel. The root of the spirit of rebellion and the rebellious efforts of those like Nimrod, have been influenced by forces of evil and demonic activity for one purpose and one purpose only. That purpose is for Satan himself (Lucifer) being exalted and worshiped as God. What was thwarted so many millennia ago is now being implemented under the guise of many various organizations and names such as globalists, Illuminati, Bilderberg group, Bohemian Grove society, Hollywood and musical entertainers,  elitist individuals and even some if not many elected officials in all areas of government are promoting this One World System

The worlds economies are on the verge of collapse perhaps by design. We see in some countries around the world, they have already abandoned “money” as we know it, and have moved to a cashless society. We have the technology to implant and implement a global digital system that can and will monitor every individuals financial, medical, and bio-metrical personal as well as political data. When this is incorporated with the use of the ever-increasing AI technology it is no longer a time in the distant future that this can be ushered in. It is here, it is now.

We see in our own country a “push” from a certain political party to move away from individual liberty and freedom towards a more “social” system that the government (Satan’s replacement for the Church) will control all aspects of life. It has always been ironic to me to hear the folks that clamor about “Climate change or “global” warming are in fact those that spew carbon all over the planet. Huge numbers of personnel are flown about the globe to make movies, to meet for economic decisions and political meetings all the while they tell the “common” folk to stop their use of manmade inventions that were developed to better everyone’s life. Two classes will remain if these people have their way. One an Elitist Class (those that are enlightened) and a second Peasant class (those that are viewed as mere cattle).

One will only need to submit to and swear their allegiance to the one who will be viewed as the savior of humanity. The One that will exalt himself above everything that is called God and will make war on those that defy him and refuse to denounce that Christ has come in the flesh in the bodily life , death, and resurrection of Jesus (Yeshua).

So dear friends, I admonish you as the day approaches stand firm in your faith, to encourage those of the faith to be bold and courageous, not giving any ground to the adversary of man’s soul. Contending in spiritual battle for those that are perishing. Put on the FULL armor of The Lord Almighty, that we might wage war that the gates of hell should not prevail. Ephesians 6:1-18

Belt of TRUTH; Everything hinges on the truth as opposed to the father of lies.

Breastplate of RIGHTESOUSNESS: hearts that are pure and in right standing before The Lord, righteousness vs rebellion

Boots on; the GOSPEL message of Peace ready to spread

Shield of FAITH; that is active and utilized to discern and defend against lies and deception

Helmet of SALVATION; a sound mind convinced and confident in your election and salvation

Sword of the SPIRIT; The WORD by which we take the Lord to the Battle

It is the Lord’s battle, but we must be the ones that take Him to the battle, then we walk in His victory!

We will not shrink back, we will not give up any more ground. We must earnestly seek The Face of The Lord Most High, and take back what the enemy has not only stolen but oppose him at every turn. The time of “luke warm” believers has come to a moment of truth and choice. The Kingdom of God and His RIGHTEOUSNESS, or the kingdom of darkness and his Rebellion.

Published by jer2329jb63

Born in the U.S.A., served in the U.S. Army, studied for the Ministry. I LOVE my GOD, my Family, and my COUNTRY. I LOVE LIBERTY & Standing for what is RIGHT! thats me in a nutshell.

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