A Rigtheous Branch – The COST of Discipleship

A Tree was placed in the middle of the Garden of Eden (Ge.2:9), let us presume to say for this teaching, this Tree is in the form of an Olive Tree. This Tree, The Tree of Life, is an ancient and Eternal Tree. Throughout scripture The LORD God uses many agricultural analogies to instill HisContinue reading “A Rigtheous Branch – The COST of Discipleship”

A Time to Separate and Put Away

In the Book of Ezra it describes a wayward unfaithful nation or people of God. Specifically it deals with the priesthood and its marrying of foreigners from the surrounding lands and nations. Ezra the Priest in verse one of the tenth chapter is found in intercessory prayer for his covenant brethren. Praying, confessing, weeping, andContinue reading “A Time to Separate and Put Away”


Genesis 1:1 In the beginning. The translated word in the Hebrew Bible is Bereshith (בְּרֵאשִׁית‎): “In beginning”. V2 Darkness was over the face of the deep (this thick darkness is what we see in the night sky, it fills the cosmos), and the Spirit of GOD (YHWH) was hovering over the waters. There is a distinct boundary established betweenContinue reading “He DWELLS in The THICK DARKNESS”