Half Dead humanity

The Road to Jericho

The story, a parable, of The Good Samaritan as told by Jesus the Messiah. Lk. 10:30-36 NIV

The Road to Jericho, also known as The Valley of the Shadow of Death (Ps.23), and The Bloody Way. This story at face value is a simple parable to understand as we are to Love our neighbor. I would like to pay a bit closer attention to the persons and names in the story, and perhaps pose a slightly deeper more spiritual impact as it unfolds, as to Who is the Good Samaritan. A “man” was going down from “Jerusalem” to “Jericho”

First lets look at Jericho, presumably the oldest city in the world.

Aside from being the “Oldest City in the World” it also happened to be as noted in the photo below, a “high” place. This is where Jesus overcame Satan’s temptation to have All the glory of the kingdom’s of the world if he would worship him, Satan. This is also the high place of astronomical worship to the Moon God, from where Jericho derives its name (Moon or lunar month). Coincidence? I think not. The oldest city, ruled by the deed holder of all the kingdoms of the world. How did he (Satan) acquire the deed? At the Fall of “Man” Adam whose name means “man” and his number is 6. In The Garden of Eden in Genesis Adam (man) rebelled against God and took from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This left Adam (man) in a HALF DEAD state of being, as he was now separated from God due to SIN, and delivered dominion of the world to the enemy of our souls. So back to our parable, a “man” Robbed, beaten left half dead, by a thief, a murderer, a destroyer, again sounding coincidental?

Jesus’ Tempting by Satan after 40 day fasting in the Judean Wilderness

The Devil is a Liar, A Thief, A Murderer, A Destroyer. He deceived man in the Garden, left him half dead, and robbed him of the dominion that was decreed to him at creation. Setting the stage for the arrival of The Good Samaritan. Seeing “Fallen” man (Adam) He (The Son of God) came to bind up the broken hearted, to heal the sick, to restore sight to the blind, the lame walk, to set the captive free. The Samaritan had compassion and bandaged his wounds, anointed the man with “Oil and Wine” to obvious here as for the elements of Holy Spirit anointing and Blood of The Covenant. We must now point out this story is about Jerusalem, Jericho, man, and a Good Samaritan. Jerusalem, most would say means The City of Peace which it does but that is only part of its defining framework. Jeru at its root means to instruct, teach, or show the way. Salem; means peace, but also implies in its root form; to complete to restore, to be safe in mind and body. What a powerful name! What a POWERFUL story that Christ Jesus laid out. So what I have attempted to point you to in this story this parable is not only was the Good Samaritan a parable to show us how we ought to Love one another, it reveals the truer understanding of John 3:16. Now as Jesus wraps up the parable, let us All take heart as we understand the day we live in. The man (Adam restored) was taken to an Inn to be cared for by the Inn Keeper for about two days, The Samaritan left a deposit to cover that until His return. After Jesus was crucified, died, buried, and resurrected. He sent a “deposit” a seal of guarantee, that He would return for those He has “restored”. That Deposit is the Holy Spirit, and we have been under His care for approximately two days, For a day unto the Lord is as a thousand years.

[2Cor. 1:21,22 5:5, Eph. 1:13,14 4:30, 2Ti. 2:19]

Glory to God Most High! We hunger and are longing for Your Return!!

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