A Divinely Appointed Time

One year ago today, I walked where My Lord and Savior may himself trod many steps. I have known from my journey’s beginning in Him that I would one day go to the land of promises and covenants, to the place where, of all the possible places on planet earth, He chose to manifest himself in the flesh. Not to discount the numerous times and places He showed and revealed himself in various forms and fashions to His servants, the prophets. Yet here He chose to let A Great Light Shine in the darkness. (Mt. 4:15-16, Is. 9:1-2)

Cabin reflection time, at Ramot Hotel on NE hills over looking Sea of Galilee
Across The Sea of Galilee looking across to Tiberias

From The Sea of Galilee to the calling of His first disciples. Across the calm tranquil sea arriving at Magadala. The images and surrounding lanscape one cannot help but imagine His Majesty revealing the Kingdom of His Father to simple men and women.

The City of Capernaum, where Jesus called Simon (Peter) his brother Andrew, James and John sons of Zebedee (Thunder).

Fishers of Men Mt.4:19
Capernaum: Village of Nahum (Comfort) Mt. 4:13
Possible site of Peter’s house. Mk. 1:29-34
Lk. 4:31-38

In Mathew 11:21-24 Jesus sentences woes upon this place for the miracles and mighty demonstration of God’s grace and mercy that were performed by Him, yet many people remained unrepentant. How sad that even at that time inspite of what people were seeing with their own eyes refused to believe. Yet for others, faith came alive!

Mary of Magdala became one of those followers of The Way. He still is declaring His Father’s Kingdom for those that are willing to hear. It’s hard for me to imagine that 52 weeks have past since this divinely appointed time. For shortly after our return home we, the entire globe, faced the Corona “pandemic” lockdowns. Israel is still on stringent lockdowns, meaning that very few have been allowed back to visit these places and to experience the bible come to life. I thank The Lord for fulfilling His promise He spoke to my heart so many years ago, it truly is a remarkable place to experience.

I pray you will hear His voice, the knock on the door of your heart. And invite him in. May His peace fill your hearts and minds. And that we all may grow in wisdom and knowledge of the glorious riches with which the Father has given to us in Him.

In Christ Jesus Holy Name

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