The TWO Faithful Witnesses

Rev.11:3-6, Zech. 4:2-6

Throughout the Word of God we encounter a combination of TWO powerful “symbols”. These two symbols/elements or characters to be more accurate, will always be present when The LORD is doing a Great Work (Miracle).

The two faithful witnesses are always evident wherever and whenever there is a significant work, they may work in unison or be seemingly independent at various times. However the symbols of them both are quite obvious as they will Always work together. Our first glimpse of them are revealed, like most everything else, in Genesis (Beginnings).

God “SPOKE”, that is the “WORD” went forth; Genesis 1:2…; “Darkness was upon the face of the deep, and “The Spirit” of God was hovering over the face of the waters“. Here at the very beginning we catch a glimpse of these key characters the WORD and the SPIRIT. As I will try to lay out, these two are always working together, and they both have unique symbols prevalent throughout scripture. A glimpse of the symbolisms we find in the encounters between the LORD GOD and the patriarchs, Heroes of our Faith. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), and Moses. When God was ready to enter into His “Covenant” with Abraham, The Lord, passed thru the pieces of the “cutting” as a flame a fire. For Isaac; in chapter 26 it talks about the “wells” being dug (water) and building an altar (fire). Then Jacob in chapter 28 has a dream upon a “rock” of heavens messengers on a ladder and The LORD Himself at the Top, Jacob in the morning set up a “pillar” and poured oil (Spirit) upon it. Later (ch.32) Jacob (Israel) has an encounter at the Jabbok River (water) which literally means “poured out/forth”. From Genesis we move to Exodus to encounter Moses. (Gen. 15, 26, 28, 32)

Moses means drawn out or from the water, he also encountered God as a fire a Flame in a burning bush. Led by a “pillar” of fire, and a “pillar” of cloud (water). With a “staff” he Parted The Red Sea (water) while protected from pharaoh’s army with the “pillar” of fire/cloud. With the staff he brought “water” from a “rock” .The Word and the Spirit, symbolized as Fire and Water. (Ex. 2-4, 17)

Moses’s symbols; water, Staff, Word.

Fire, Oil, Water

Moving further into The Prophets we encounter Elijah.

Elijah means my God is Lord (YeH…YHWH). he called fire down upon Mt. Carmel, prayed earnestly for rain (water). At the widow’s house the “oil” and the “flour” did not run out. Parted The Jordan River (water) and taken up in a chariot of fire. The WORD and The Spirit symbolized as Water and Fire; Oil and Flour. (1 Ki. 17-2 Ki. 2)

Elijah’s symbols; fire, Mantle, Spirit .

On Mount Hermon at Caesarea Philippi Jesus took three of His disciples, Peter, James and John and in their midst The Lord was “Transfigured” into His pre-existing Glory and with Him appeared Moses and Elijah (Mt. 17:1,2 Mk. 9:2, Lk. 9:29,30).

Moses and Elijah

Moses represents The LAW or Old Covenant (WORD) a Staff; to shepherd, to guide, a standard. And Elijah/John the Baptist represents Grace or New Covenant (SPIRIT) a Mantle; like oil it covers and spreads over. Both established by BLOOD of The Lamb.

There are; Two trees, Two Lampstands, “Two Faithful Witnesses“, Two covenants establishing God’s Rule and Authority in the earth. As Jew and Gentile begin to work in unity bringing once again together the Word and the Spirit a miraculous and mighty event is soon to take place. As mentioned in creation the Word and the Spirit formed all that we see. When Jesus Messiah (Word made flesh) was baptized in water by John aka Elijah, the (Spirit) descended like a dove and rested upon (anointed) Him; The Spirt and The Word straight way began a mighty work as they went to meet the strong man (Satan) on his territory (mount of Temptation) to bind him (overcome) and begin the “anointed” work of redemption. (Mt. 3,4; Mk. 1; Lk. 4; Jn. 1)

So when we “hear” the WORD (Jesus) the Water, preached, we “see” it confirmed with signs and wonders OIL /Anointing (Spirit) Fire.

In the sanctuary or Tabernacle “Tent of Meeting” there was always Fire (altar) and Water (basin) and in the Holy place we have Bread (WORD) and Oil (SPIRIT) always present before (Throne/Mercy Seat) His Majestic Glory, HIS PRESENCE.

In The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Ch. 22 it declares “The Spirit and The Bride say come”. The Bride is His Body in the earth, the church. It is the “bread” or the WORD made flesh. Just as in the Tabernacle, when the Spirit and the Word are united, His Presence and appearing are manifest and His GLORY Shines forth.

So whether The Two Faithful Witnesses – The Two Olive Trees – The Two Lampstands are Moses and Elijah, or The Old and New Covenants (Law/Grace). One thing we can be sure of that His Word the water of which washes us, and His Spirit the fire of which anoints us Will most surely be a PREVALANT POWER in these Last Days.

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