Spirit of Rebellion

As previously discussed in Nimrod Rising, I attributed the current situation going on in the cities and streets around America to rebellion and more specifically to an individual identified as Nimrod (Ch. 11 Genesis). Today I would like to drill down a bit deeper into the Spirit of Rebellion, its origins and its soon to be displayed fruits.

For a fruit to be evident it first must come from a “tree”, the tree that bares this fruit is found in The Garden of Eden, alongside The Tree of Life. The serpent (nachash: to hiss or more specifically to “whisper”) who used cunning and double talk to lead Adam and Eve into “rebellion” against The Lord God and his COMMAND that from that TREE they should not partake. Shortly after this encounter and rebellious event we see another moment in human history for the Spirit of Rebellion to infect not only humanity but others from a distant realm of existence.

As mankind multiplied and began to spread out over the land the bible informs us that the bene ha Elohim (sons of God); some say angels, some may even refer to them as ancient aliens, came to earth and mated with the female human inhabitants. This was again in direct rebellion to what The Lord God had established, as for the purpose of these “sons of God” was to “watch” over humanity. The result of this rebellious action combined with the working of the “serpent” brought the whole of humanity into such a depraved and rebellious attitude, that the only recourse that The Lord God had remaining was to find a single man of “righteousness” to save the posterity of humanity through the waters of the Great Flood. The flood account is recorded in numerous ancient texts, so as not to dissuade anyone from believing or validating this as an factual event. It is shortly afterward, again we return to the story described in Nimrod Rising of the”Spirit of Rebellion” to which a vast majority of humans choose (yes friends it always comes down to choice) to be led into a rebellious act and interesting to note that The Lord God himself states that if a unified humanity sets its mind on anything they shall accomplish it. So as the people set forth to establish a NAME for themselves and be One People, with One Religion, and One Economy, with One Ruler to govern Over them that The Lord God again had to intervene and cause the languages of these people to go into confusion, it is called Babel. We can in our current modern world find a set of people that are more than willing but it is their desire and goal to restore and implement that which was thwarted thousands of years ago. Evidence can be found all around if one may only have the desire to be a watchmen on the wall. I will address this occurrence again further or in later posts. But for now let us continue down the chronological instances of “The Spirit of Rebellion”.

I have pointed out thus far that its origins come mainly from a “serpent” and others from a “different realm” than our own. It is stated in 1 Samuel 15: 22 in the bible; to this affect; it is better to obey than to sacrifice for the spirit of rebellion is LIKE the sin of witchcraft. Wow what an amazing declaration from the prophet of The most High God. For time and space sake I will not delve into those rabbit holes at this time, suffice enough for some word associations with the term “witchcraft”. This not an exclusive list but enough to get the point across they include; divination, sorcery, the occult. And rebellion or disobedience is likened to those practices.

I would like to now ties this in with the current situation facing our great nation. Proverbs 17:11 states this in the NIV Bible:

“An EVIL man is bent on REBELLION; a MERCILESS official WILL BE SENT against him.”

Sounds to me like the police should not be being “de-funded” lest our streets and towns and cities be over run with those that have evil intentions. Have you seen the news lately? You’ll need to search to see what is really going on, for the biased media will no longer cover the truth of what is going on, I digress. In Jeremiah 28:16 & 29:32 again we find people willing to lead others (a nation) into believing a LIE and preaching or declaring REBELLION!

The plan is a simple one, it can be summed up as this.

It is to remove an “Established Authority”. To lead in Revolt. The people in this country, and I have a feeling it is a vast majority that are beginning to see the deceptive words and mantra being forced fed down Americas throat. And they will not sit idly by much longer and watch the chaos go forth.

2020 vision is commonly referred to as “perfect” vision or simply seeing clearly in this coincidental year of the same it is becoming quite clear and evident that that same “Spirit of Rebellion” is raising its ugly head. Once again to lead the nation(s) into universal rebellion towards God Most High.

Lord God in heaven we ask YOU for mercy in this time of turmoil. We humbly ask for discernment to unmask the “True” enemy of liberty and to wage a spiritual warfare. We ask that you would empower and embolden YOUR people, those called by your Great Name to be Strong and Courageous to loudly declare and to stand unified in opposition to the “Spirit of Rebellion” and give us a “Spirit of Righteousness” and a willingness to speak it, walk it, and live it!

In Christ Jesus’ Holy NAME….

let all who agree SHOUT


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Born in the U.S.A., served in the U.S. Army, studied for the Ministry. I LOVE my GOD, my Family, and my COUNTRY. I LOVE LIBERTY & Standing for what is RIGHT! thats me in a nutshell.

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