A Blood bought Bride

The Rose of Sharon

Song of Songs 2:1

Isaiah 35, 62



The Perfect and Fragrant Symbol of the Bride made ready for His Majesty the Bridegroom. The bride has not always been so fragrant or a symbol of beauty. We see in the book of Acts the birth of the church, the seed that was planted in the fertile soil prepared by the master gardeners cultivating hands. As always with the seed sown, the enemy tries to come and steal or destroy what was sown. Persecution arose and the seedling of the church was scattered about as spores in the wind. Until about 313 A.D. when Constantine declared the Roman Empire a “Christian” nation. So now the pure, innocent, and tender shoot, yet still empowered church, became a hybrid of what the Master Gardner had intended for his beautiful plant (his beloved, betrothed). It was now mixed with a wild plant called paganism. Over the centuries the hybrid plant commonly known as The Roman Catholic Church, became more suited as a mutated and corrupt plant compared to the pureness of that seed sown on the day of Pentecost.

As more paganistic rituals blended into the doctrines and teachings of that Holy seed, the church was more reminiscent of a weed than a glorious fragrant rose. The gardener who is master over all his creation raised up a man of husbandry to begin the process of correcting the mutation the plant had become, it began with 95 points of contention posted to a door in 1517. For over 1,200 years the evil destroyer of the Seed of God had been working within the body polluting and contaminating the precious flower. But light had come, and the flower began to recognize and respond to the TRUE light. Now for the past 500 years the church has been re-establishing itself to the true plant and flower sown so many years ago. We see now a church preparing herself, as a bride, ready to meet her long-awaited bridegroom. What started on the Feast of Pentecost, 50 days after the Passover Lamb of Messiah (Christ) is now nearing a time of completion.

 As Esther was being prepared to be presented before the King, bathed for  6 months in fragrant oils, so to must the church be saturated in the Holy Oil of the Holy Spirit not only as a sweet fragrance, but to make her soft and supple; that is humble and contrite. Humility before The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. So also, as Ruth presented herself at the foot of Boaz so also will the church be found at the threshing floor at the hem of her master’s garment.  Submitted and committed to do what was required and asked of her to do. The threshing floor is in operation when the harvest has been gathered and the time of separation begins. The wheat from the chaff.

Dear church we are in a time of selection, a time of truth and unwavering. The bride must rise up for this moment in history for this is an appointed time, and those that have ears to hear will not be found wanting.

The radiant Rose of Sharon in full bloom, fragrant and beautiful ready to be presented as a Bride without Spot or Wrinkle.
Hearts wholly surrendered, untainted by the cares of this world, devoted and prepared for His coming!
The road to glory is not a smooth, and pleasant road. It is covered with thorn and thistle. The persecution or rather the purification of the church is at hand. Will you and I be ready for that struggle, that day of trial as by fire. Strengthen the feeble hands and steady the buckling knee, declare to those that find fear gripping their hearts. God will come to deliver you, with vengeance and divine retribution.

God Bless

In The Name of Jesus Our Lord

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Born in the U.S.A., served in the U.S. Army, studied for the Ministry. I LOVE my GOD, my Family, and my COUNTRY. I LOVE LIBERTY & Standing for what is RIGHT! thats me in a nutshell.

2 thoughts on “A Blood bought Bride

  1. A Blood Brought Bride… Very well laid-out for us Jim! I learned a lot about how this is prophetically happening as we speak. It’s amazing how you caught it all and put it down in 1 place piecing it all together. I would love to understand the (95 points of contention posted to a door in 1517) never heard of this.


    1. In 1517 a German man named Martin Luther posted his 95 thesis to the door of Wittenberg Castle Church, he wished to debate these issues with the Catholic church as heresies and doctrinal misleading. Martin Luther also worked with a man named Guttenberg who is credited with the first printing press and together they printed the first book ever mass published ..the bible and it was not written in Latin but the common language, so that every person could read it for themselves. Thus the birth of the reformation or better known as the Protestant movement. As a protest against the Roman Catholic church. That’s kind of it in condensed version…


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