A Family Name

Whose household do you belong to, is it your household? Do you establish the code of conduct within its boundaries? Is it your name that is attached to that address or deed? So what’s in a name and what has it to do with a household?

The Name associated with a dwelling such as oh that’s the Smith’s house or the Jones’s…it describes the occupants of the dwelling and others will form an opinion based on the perception of the conduct of the residents. Now imagine, your last name becoming Gates, or Zuckerberg, or Bezos. You have just been adopted into a family of great wealth and influence. You will need to be educated and willing to apply All the new opportunities to which you have been made a part of. You will be expected to behave and conduct yourself in a certain manner. Because of the family name you now are associated with.

For Christianity we have some what of a loss of identity: Christ followers, Followers of The Way, Disciples of Christ or just simple Christian; are we catholic, protestant, liturgical, evangelical, or ecumenical? Perhaps Baptist or Calvary Chapel, Four Square or Pentecostal? The Name is important because it identifies us with The Name of the Owner of whose Household we Belong to. There is a move of The Spirit of God currently sweeping through the land, one that will help restore a unified voice for a unified body to the Name of the Household of which we all belong.

YHWH, I AM, The Name above All names Jesus (Yeshua) The Messiah (HaMashiach) The LORD HAS provided an opportunity for ALL to be adopted into A Family Name so FAR above those names listed previously. The Son purchased for The Father (ABBA) many Sons and Daughters and have been brought into the Family of The Most High God. A lot of understanding and learning must be applied to walk in the fullness of what ALL that entails. From the moment of conception (conversion) of the New birth we are instructed to be renewed in our minds, led and taught of The Holy Spirit, study to show ourselves approved to rightly divide (discern) the Word of Truth. To grow from Milk as newborns to Meat as disciples, ambassadors, spiritual warriors, as Joint heirs of Jesus the Christ. So if we will wear and bear the Name of The Lord Our God with with honor, dignity, respect, and learn to walk in the fullness of The Name of The Household to which we confess we belong. Then we will begin to see the fullness of Faith as a Mustard seed, Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.

One Name One Family in The Kingdom of Heaven

[Mat. 17:20, Lk. 17:6, 18:8, Ro. 8, Eph. 1:5, 4, Col. 1:27, Phil. 2:9]

We are Children of The Lord God Almighty; Joint Heirs with Jesus – I think I will leave you with that pondering thought until next time or part two of this series.

May The LORD of Heaven and earth, He who Alone is Worthy Bless you, keep you, and sustain you in this upcoming year as we all seek to draw closer to Him.

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Born in the U.S.A., served in the U.S. Army, studied for the Ministry. I LOVE my GOD, my Family, and my COUNTRY. I LOVE LIBERTY & Standing for what is RIGHT! thats me in a nutshell.

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