A Rock, Precious Stones, A Glorious “Tent”

I would like to lay out for you a unique building, designed by a Master Architect, and Master builder. This building has been under construction for many many years, but its Blueprint was established and determined in ancient days. Please allow me to paraphrase God’s Word in order to walk us through this massive building project, in several phases of construction.

In Exodus 24:9-12, 32:15 Moses and the elders went up Mt. Sinai, and they saw God. Under his feet was like a pavement of Sapphire. The Lord told Moses to come up to Him and receive The tablets [Luchot ha-Berit in Hebrew has some ancient rabbinical teachings and as well as the Talmud describes them as a translucent blue cube or that when set together formed a 1 cubit cube] of Stone on which His WORD had been written-revealed on BOTH sides. This is the initial phase of Gods Dwelling Place, The establishment of His Foundation the Stone; His Law where His Throne abides.

Moses then asks to see The Glory of God; His Face, the reply given was; there is a Rock and a “cleft in The Rock” where I might hide you, and cover you as I pass by. Exodus 33,34. A Rock where man might stand in God’s Presence, a Blue (2:1) Cube, His Word to guide us and layout the precepts, the building code if you will. Jumping forward many centuries later we are presented with some striking imagery.

Daniel 2, 1Peter, Mat. 21:42-44

In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay, representing the kingdoms of the world, when in the fullness of time A Rock hewn out the The Mountain of God not by human hands was cast at the base of the statue representing the “kingdoms of the world ” were disintegrated and were no more. And the Rock grew until it filled the earth. Daniel 2:24-45 . A Glorious event and a glorious building is now under construction.

Whom do you say I am? You are The Christ (Messiah) Simon declared. And Jesus stated you are Peter (Petros: stone or piece of a bigger rock), and upon this Rock (Petra: Christ….) I will build MY ecclesia (church-Tabernacle/Temple/Tent ). Mt. 16:15-17


This Rock is the cornerstone, the one the builders rejected. We are the living precious stones the “petros” that are fitted together into a Holy tabernacle (Tent, Dwelling place for Gods Glory) 1Pt. 2:4-8; we are the Bride, the Tabernacle of the Lamb. The Fallen Tent of David (Amos 9:11). That which John saw coming down out of heaven The New Jerusalem, is the same cube Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream, that which is shown destroying the kingdoms of this world. Is the same Cube handed to Moses. We must all reach the fullness of Christ in us that is the Hope of Glory. His Word that is Christ Jesus, given in symbolism on a fiery Mountain top, just as He came in the Flesh, to establish His Kingdom, His Will conveyed through His Word/LAW, to build Stone by Precious Stone as we mature and become Like Him, the Word made flesh written on our hearts and minds a building not built with human hands. A Dwelling Place on earth for Him to inhabit while we the Living Precious Stones encircle in Worship our Glorious God and King. Eph. 2:20-22, Ps. 118:22, Is 28:16, Zech 3:8-9

1500 Miles CUBED

Revelation 21: 15-19

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Born in the U.S.A., served in the U.S. Army, studied for the Ministry. I LOVE my GOD, my Family, and my COUNTRY. I LOVE LIBERTY & Standing for what is RIGHT! thats me in a nutshell.

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