A Devilish Plan A Spiritual/Carnal War

Read Proverbs 24:5,6,10

Defund The Police!

Abolish ICE!

Tear Down The Heritage/History of The Country!

Promise Free Healthcare to ILLEGAL foreigners and youth!

Promise Free Education to ILLEGAL foreigners and youth!

Sounds like a Train wreck more than a Golden path of Enlightenment to Bliss, in my simple yet carefully observant perspective.

The streets of California are over flowing with Homeless people, drug needles, condoms and out right filth. Some of these people have mental disease, others are so strung out on drugs they cannot even comprehend up, down or sideways, there are those that simply are willing to live that way for the free hand out from the liberal political “kind hearted” crooks, then there are legitimate citizens that have fallen on hard times due to a loss of jobs; probably due to excessive taxing of businesses. The leftists solution; free drugs, free “camping” its not called vagrancy or loitering any longer, open urination and defecation, as well public sex and nudity. The elites of the state and the government of the state says its because of GREED. I might agree with that statement, but lets look beneath the surface to correctly identify The GREEDY ONES.

This is one of if not THE highest taxed states in the union, yet we have an epidemic of failure on every level. The solution from the LEFT is always “More Money”, have you ever stopped to look at the wealth that these political protagonists are amassing, and not one of their “social” platforms has improved, not ONE. We are always told in this state about water shortages, and water consumption, yet these same flap traps open up the “sanctuary” state to countless hordes promising them everything just for a vote. They line the pockets of family and friends, propitiate the problem and blame business owners that are the only ones providing an opportunity for work (jobs) and maybe just maybe a chance to better a hard working persons own way of life. I am sorry but since when does the fact that if you are FORTUNATE enough to have a job that you work 40 hours a week, automatically qualify you for the ability to live on your own? Let alone provide for a household? There are entry level jobs in the market place for young people or even some elderly that may want to supplement their retirement, that are being eliminated due to the antagonistic pressure of this ideology of a socialist economy.

It appears to me that it no longer is even about socialism, these GREEDY, power hungry, non-representative, bureaucratic masters of double talk and deception are only after ONE thing and ONE THING only. That goal is to eliminate the middle class, enslave the masses, all the while taking for themselves the best of areas to live, the best of the food supply, drive and fly wherever they desire whilst the rest of humanity can grovel and crawl and beg at their feet for scraps.

Make NO mistake about his claim. I am an ideolog too; I believe whole heartedly in the God of The Bible. In His Son Jesus Christ and the salvation through Him. I believe in Freedom and Liberty as specified in Our Founding documents. I swore an Oath upon death to defend those principles for other peoples rights. How much more tenacious would you think me to be when it comes to the protection and security of MY own family and friends. I PRAY for those whose eyes have been blinded, and even those that have turned to evil in their hearts and minds, against All that is called GOOD.

I am

A Watchman, A Sheepdog, A Warrior, A Patriot, A Worshipper

An American

An Ambassador of The Kingdom of Heaven

Thy Kingdom COME Thy WILL be done!

This Election MUCH is at Stake…VOTE!!!

Published by jer2329jb63

Born in the U.S.A., served in the U.S. Army, studied for the Ministry. I LOVE my GOD, my Family, and my COUNTRY. I LOVE LIBERTY & Standing for what is RIGHT! thats me in a nutshell.

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