Watch & Prepare

A War and A Wedding Feast

Soon and Not Yet says The One who Was, and Is, and is To Come.

Mathew 24, 25

The times in which we are living, bring an eager expectation to those that are in earnest prayer, discerning this season in which we hunger for His imminent return. A brief look into these two chapters should, as is my prayer, stir within us all a spirit of anticipation and a call to action.

The Week of Jacob’s Trouble; a seven year period also referred to as The Tribulation Period. Before we delve to deep into this time and season I would like to call our attention to a custom of which most are not too familiar with, that is the observance of the bridal week, as well as the custom of the bridegroom preparing a place at his fathers house, for he and his bride. An ancient near eastern custom and is biblical in context and understanding is that as the soon to be wed bridegroom would first need TO GO PREPARE a place at HIS FATHERS HOUSE. So that when the time came for the Wedding Feast and Celebration to occur the couple would have a “place” to remain. Yeshua (Jesus) told His disciples He was going to “prepare a place” in His Fathers House, so that where He is we could be also. Sounding familiar, now add to this the observance of the bridal week. A period of seven days the bride and bridegroom rejoice in celebration and consummations of the marriage vow or “covenant”.

Wedding Supper of The Lamb

Seven days or one week. Now back to The Week of Jacob’s Trouble, or The Tribulation Period. It was declared in the book of Jeremiah, and understood and expounded upon deeper in the book of Daniel, that “Seventy Weeks” were determined upon the nation of Israel/Judah for the idolatry and abominable acts conducted within its Holy borders and of most importance The Place of His Name; The Temple. In Daniel ch. 9 Daniel gives and account that at 69 weeks or (sevens or years) Messiah would be “cut off”. There remains a Week or seven year period for Jacob/Israel (those in Abrahamic/Mosaic covenant) to fulfill or complete this original sentence of punishment from YHWH.

Valley of Megiddo ARMAGEDDON: The Place of the Last Great Battle (Rev. 16:16)

Now during this seven year period as mentioned above, The Tribulation period great evil, war and bloodshed which will fill the valley pictured above “to the horses bridle,” will be unleashed upon the earth. While those in covenant with The Son will be celebrating the “Wedding Supper of The Lamb”.

Sounds coincidental or far fetched? The world currently exists in a dispensation of “Grace” when this age ends that is the “Church Age” this dispensation ends. And we resort back to the dispensation of “Law” or to put it another way the dispensation that was in place prior to the “Age of Grace”. How does this “Age” or Dispensation of Grace End? The “Church” must be removed or “taken” away. This would be the often elusive talked about “Rapture” (harpazo) of The Church. On the Day of Pentecost the church was birthed by the out pouring and “infilling/indwelling” of The Holy Spirit (Rauch ha-Kadosh). Paul states that The Lawless One (son of perdition) will not be revealed until “He that restrains him, is “taken” away”.

The Last Trumpet ( 1Thes.4:15-17)

The church infilled with the Holy Spirit is to be removed in a miraculous occurrence, as it is The Holy Spirit in The Body of Christ that is to restrain evil or the lawless one giving way for the ushering in of Jacob’s Trouble, and the rise and manifestation of the Anti-Christ. Leading ultimately to The Battle of Armageddon. We must then as in the parable of the Ten Virgins be vigilant in our Preparedness of the coming of the bridegroom. He IS The Bridegroom and He IS Coming for His Bride!

At an Hour we least expect
Day or night may our Lamps be trimmed and full of Oil

A lamp with its wick trimmed and a replenished reliable supply of oil is the call to those that will make themselves ready. An earthen vessel, full of the Holy Spirit of GOD, fully equipped and made ready for The Trumpet call to meet The Lord in the air. The same Wedding Feast, the same War, in the same time frame, is rapidly approaching humanity. The only question is where will you be?

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