Feast of Sukkot

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Festival of Tabernacles

This is one of the 3 appointed times in scripture that The Lord required His people to meet, celebrate, and bring offerings and fellowship with Him. The other feasts, which were ordained by God himself to be kept are Passover, Pentecost (feast of Weeks). As believers in Christ Jesus we view these observances as types and shadows or forecasts of fulfillments by the Messiah. (Exodus 23)

The Feast of Tabernacles is known as the the “In-gathering” the time of the harvest. As the people of God wait for the fulfillment of this celebration, we in the body of Christ view this feast as a symbol of the “Rapture” a time when the Lord will descend and with the blast of the shofar that the dead in Christ, along with those that are alive shall be “called up” gathered, to meet The LORD in the Air. As this feast is observed for 7 days, so to will the church and all that have put their trust in the saving grace of Jesus, the Passover lamb of God, celebrate The Wedding Supper of The Lamb.

The Feasts of the latter Harvest Time/ Gathering of grapes and olives:

Feast of Trumpets [Shofar]= (Rosh Hashana) New Year the Gathering unto the Lord/ 1 Day/Rapture

10 Days of Awe

The Day of Atonement=(Yom Kippur) The Day of Restoration unto the Lord/1 Day/ End of Church Age

Feast of Tabernacles=(Sukkot) Harvest Festival/7 Days/Tribulation & Wedding Supper

We are rapidly approaching these glorious and terrifying days. As the Lord God appointed three distinct festivals, 3 appointed times to meet with Him to fulfill His divine purpose.

Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. Two have been ultimately fulfilled. We can be rest assured His calendar is set for His Harvest. We need not know the “day” or the “hour”, but we most certainly can and should discern the times and season we are in.

It is time to prepare our hearts and minds, these earthen tents (tabernacles) to rely upon and wait (Is. 40:31 qavah; to bind to or twisted together) upon The LORD. The Holy Spirit of The Most High God must not only dwell in us, but more importantly we must be found in Him , that is to abide in Him, make a dwelling place for His Great Name and as psalms 91 declares make that our refuge our place of habitation.

As we eagerly await the coming of The Bridegroom, let us be found with our lamps ready, our wicks trimmed, and our jars FULL of Oil.

Mat. 25

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