Nimrod Rising

We see in this country a “movement” some say this a new thing, some call it being “WOKE” . Let us call what is happening in our cities and streets exactly what it is. It is rebellion, and it is artfully and skillfully being orchestrated by strategic manipulators throughout our country. As buildings are being vandalized, looted, burnt to the ground and historic monuments being removed, in the name of “social justice” the media endorses such behavior and numerous politicians have even joined their ranks.

How can a house divide against itself stand? (Mt 12:25)

The enduring pledge since Our founding fathers has been one voice, one commitment, to stand UNITED in the cause of freedom and liberty. To which we recite a “Pledge of Allegiance” not only to this great flag, but to the eternal principal that liberty should be proclaimed throughout the land (world).

What we see occurring is a full out assault on THAT very foundation. Speaking of foundations shall we peek into a particular political parties many decades worth of dismantling our founding principals? Make no mistake in this regard, these United States of America were profoundly established under the ideals of the Judaeo/Christian values, and that The Almighty God of the Bible was invoked and diligently sought after by an overwhelming majority of our founding fathers. Yes Mr. Obama we always have been a Christian nation. A former Soviet leader declared they would see America destroyed without a shot fired, by infiltrating the political arena, indoctrination through public schools, and even through the entertainment industry. Does this sound familiar to anyone? We stopped “McCarthyism” that was used to “weed” out the communists embedded in our government officials. We removed God and prayer from our educational institutions, we stopped teaching the benefits of free market and capitalism for the lies of the benefits of socialism. I do not need to mention which political party as it can be quite obvious to anyone with an open eye…speaking of being “woke”. It is the same party that cheered abortion and booed the mention of God at one of their conventions!

Once upon a time in our country not too long ago people were FREE to have a difference of opinion, have varying religious beliefs, yes there were shortcomings and even egregious faults at instances and various times. Yet even then both political parties stood for the preservation of the country and its ideals. My how the tables have turned. Political correctness has silenced opposing views, and if you dare not march to the tune of the pipers you are called racists, bigots, haters and are not allowed to voice your views. Our laws ,rights, and liberties have been used to silence and betray the very foundations that the social structure resides upon. Sounds like a battle plan to me.

However, one only needs to ask this simple question; which form of governance and economics has done the most good for the most people. The United States of America once boasted the largest middle class in history. Why, because of its founding principals of liberty and freedom from a over reaching controlling government. Which has subtly and craftily been eroded from within by parties and individuals with only their best interest in mind. So our middle class is shrinking, the folks on the left want to blame greedy business owners. Yet they become millionaires in office, by pedaling social issues and our duty to fund them. Never intending to solve any in justice only to gain power and wealth. So we see in this time, groups such as ANTI-FA, Me-too, BLM, LGBTQ, and a host of others that are blindly being lead as puppets into full out rebellion and destruction of society as we know it. Now this “Spirit of Rebellion” is not anything new either.

Genesis 11 tells the story of the Tower of Babel, were man decided ( was led) to rebel against The Lord God and his command to fill the earth and replenish it after the flood. It is suggested that this leader of men was none other than Nimrod (Genesis 10). Now it is important to note that many define Nimrod as “A great hunter” but in truth his name really implies He who leads in rebellion, or causes to rebel.

The account is as such:

“Come let US build OURSELVES a city, with a TOWER that reaches to the heavens, so that WE may make a name for OURSELVES an not be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” Genesis 11:4 NIV

This individual NIMROD, was leading the whole of mankind in direct rebellion to the command of The LORD GOD.

Do we see in this current situation in America; a pandemic politicized for further chaos, an apparent destruction of the economy, the outward lies to attempt to remove the elected president, law and order ignored to the point of crying out for the police to be defunded, opposition to the church and its ability to congregate and declare the TRUTH of His WORD?

2 Timothy ch.3 gives great insight into the times we are living in. Yes dear brothers and sisters and ALL who hold liberty sacred. The Spirit of Nimrod is rising in our sacred halls of elected officials, taught in our public schools, enforced by the media-entertainment complex of elitists. We are surrounded on every side yet, still we stand. We are not shaken, we are not dissuaded! We are all the more encouraged as we see the days unfolding to STAND FIRM in the POWER of HIS might, to be bold and courageous and declare the righteous truth that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. “For EVIL to succeed, all it takes is for GOOD men to do nothing” MLK Jr.

The church must now be the voice of righteousness to oppose rebellion and anarchy. Choose for yourselves whom you shall serve. I have made my decision and I will follow and lift up Jesus in word and action.

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