Our Source of Sufficiency

There are times and moments in each person’s life that one must make a stand. Regardless of the overwhelming odds of opposition, or what appears to us naturally to where there seems to be no way forward, let alone victory. The number 5 in the Hebrew language represents GRACE. We all need grace at some point in our life, and that grace can be just the beginning. It can be the springboard someone needs to propel them into the next chapter in life, or it can be a catalyst someone may need to overcome or to persevere through a seemingly endless trial. Regardless of that moment you are in, our sufficiency does not come from that which we observe with our eyes, nor does it come from our own strength. It comes from a level of TRUST and confidence in The Mighty God we profess and worship with ALL we possess. As our King, our Redeemer, our Provider, and our Healer. HE IS ENOUGH!

Champions are FULL of FAITH!

A day that Altered many lives

Never Forget

September 11th, 2001. Nineteen years have passed since that horrendous day and event that changed the course of many lives including my own and our nation. It still brings much emotion, tears, and a gratitude for the men and women that not only braved the storm of that day and those following. The first-responders; firefighters, law enforcement, port authority, medical personnel. But also to those that left families and friends behind to take the fight to the enemy. I salute you all now and forever.

May God Watch over ALL of you today wherever you may be , may your families be cared for and safe. May you be at peace in the midst of the battle. May the Lord himself be your shield and rampart.

Honor and Respect

The Spirit of Righteousness

JEHOVAH TSIDKENU: The Lord Our Rigtheousness

This is part of a WORD from the Lord given to me in the early part of 2019.
I shared it with certain men of God later that year. I share with it with you now, in light of the current world and national settings.
I have omitted some of that Word and left the parts pertinent to the topic of “A Spirit of Righteousness” that MUST and WILL and IS going forth in this day and hour. To counter and oppose the spirit of rebellion.

A Word for This Generation
The enemy the devil has tried to silence this generation through abortion, millions upon millions of unborn men and women of God. Those that he could not silenced from the womb he has tried to silence thru entertainment, culture, prescription medications, and even now thru the confusion of gender.

But The Word of The Lord is This
I will raise up this generation and the banner over you will be RIGHTEOUSNESS, for a righteous generation shall go forth like a flood and I shall set you as a standard that is True. You will not waiver to the left or to the right. Strong and courageous you shall go forth and in a spirit of love you shall meet out in every place you go. And my banner over you will be Righteousness. As the adversary rises up against you, you will not falter in your moment of trial for you will stand Strong and courageous as my banner over you is Righteousness. Across this region, across this land, over the distant shores I am moving in the hearts of this generation. The body of the bride is awakening with a youthful energy vibrant and strong and courageous and my banner over you will be Righteousness! Declares The Lord of Hosts.
Do you not perceive it, do you not understand it?
Gird up yourself in the power of my strength, stand strong and courageous

And All shall see it!

I would say this as a man;
To you the men and women of this generation, do everything you do in a spirit of excellence as unto The Lord. I speak a spirit of excellence that was upon Joseph in Egypt, and Daniel in Babylon over your lives. Do not shrink back, do not turn aside from what is ahead of you. If the Lord has spoken it, IT will be accomplished. Be faithful in all you do.

Ezekiel 37 , I hear a rattlin’

“Let Us Worship”

An event held last night at the steps of the California State Capitol building was an amazing moment to be apart of. Not only was the Name of The Lord lifted high and loud, it was a tremendous display of boldness of Faith and courage for the people to come out in HUGE numbers. The enemy was put on notice that we will not remain silent any longer, nor will the people of God give any more ground in this state. Our voice, our prayers, our battle cry was united in its anthem. To see The Lord God MOVE! In and through our state, to reclaim its purpose and heritage, and to see His mighty wind move across this country for an enormous harvest of souls. To see the dry bones of His church revived again, as a vast army. Prophesy to these bones…”LIVE”

New World Order/Old World Agenda

A New World Order has been under way since the original Tower of Babel. The root of the spirit of rebellion and the rebellious efforts of those like Nimrod, have been influenced by forces of evil and demonic activity for one purpose and one purpose only. That purpose is for Satan himself (Lucifer) being exalted and worshiped as God. What was thwarted so many millennia ago is now being implemented under the guise of many various organizations and names such as globalists, Illuminati, Bilderberg group, Bohemian Grove society, Hollywood and musical entertainers,  elitist individuals and even some if not many elected officials in all areas of government are promoting this One World System

The worlds economies are on the verge of collapse perhaps by design. We see in some countries around the world, they have already abandoned “money” as we know it, and have moved to a cashless society. We have the technology to implant and implement a global digital system that can and will monitor every individuals financial, medical, and bio-metrical personal as well as political data. When this is incorporated with the use of the ever-increasing AI technology it is no longer a time in the distant future that this can be ushered in. It is here, it is now.

We see in our own country a “push” from a certain political party to move away from individual liberty and freedom towards a more “social” system that the government (Satan’s replacement for the Church) will control all aspects of life. It has always been ironic to me to hear the folks that clamor about “Climate change or “global” warming are in fact those that spew carbon all over the planet. Huge numbers of personnel are flown about the globe to make movies, to meet for economic decisions and political meetings all the while they tell the “common” folk to stop their use of manmade inventions that were developed to better everyone’s life. Two classes will remain if these people have their way. One an Elitist Class (those that are enlightened) and a second Peasant class (those that are viewed as mere cattle).

One will only need to submit to and swear their allegiance to the one who will be viewed as the savior of humanity. The One that will exalt himself above everything that is called God and will make war on those that defy him and refuse to denounce that Christ has come in the flesh in the bodily life , death, and resurrection of Jesus (Yeshua).

So dear friends, I admonish you as the day approaches stand firm in your faith, to encourage those of the faith to be bold and courageous, not giving any ground to the adversary of man’s soul. Contending in spiritual battle for those that are perishing. Put on the FULL armor of The Lord Almighty, that we might wage war that the gates of hell should not prevail. Ephesians 6:1-18

Belt of TRUTH; Everything hinges on the truth as opposed to the father of lies.

Breastplate of RIGHTESOUSNESS: hearts that are pure and in right standing before The Lord, righteousness vs rebellion

Boots on; the GOSPEL message of Peace ready to spread

Shield of FAITH; that is active and utilized to discern and defend against lies and deception

Helmet of SALVATION; a sound mind convinced and confident in your election and salvation

Sword of the SPIRIT; The WORD by which we take the Lord to the Battle

It is the Lord’s battle, but we must be the ones that take Him to the battle, then we walk in His victory!

We will not shrink back, we will not give up any more ground. We must earnestly seek The Face of The Lord Most High, and take back what the enemy has not only stolen but oppose him at every turn. The time of “luke warm” believers has come to a moment of truth and choice. The Kingdom of God and His RIGHTEOUSNESS, or the kingdom of darkness and his Rebellion.

Spirit of Rebellion

As previously discussed in Nimrod Rising, I attributed the current situation going on in the cities and streets around America to rebellion and more specifically to an individual identified as Nimrod (Ch. 11 Genesis). Today I would like to drill down a bit deeper into the Spirit of Rebellion, its origins and its soon to be displayed fruits.

For a fruit to be evident it first must come from a “tree”, the tree that bares this fruit is found in The Garden of Eden, alongside The Tree of Life. The serpent (nachash: to hiss or more specifically to “whisper”) who used cunning and double talk to lead Adam and Eve into “rebellion” against The Lord God and his COMMAND that from that TREE they should not partake. Shortly after this encounter and rebellious event we see another moment in human history for the Spirit of Rebellion to infect not only humanity but others from a distant realm of existence.

As mankind multiplied and began to spread out over the land the bible informs us that the bene ha Elohim (sons of God); some say angels, some may even refer to them as ancient aliens, came to earth and mated with the female human inhabitants. This was again in direct rebellion to what The Lord God had established, as for the purpose of these “sons of God” was to “watch” over humanity. The result of this rebellious action combined with the working of the “serpent” brought the whole of humanity into such a depraved and rebellious attitude, that the only recourse that The Lord God had remaining was to find a single man of “righteousness” to save the posterity of humanity through the waters of the Great Flood. The flood account is recorded in numerous ancient texts, so as not to dissuade anyone from believing or validating this as an factual event. It is shortly afterward, again we return to the story described in Nimrod Rising of the”Spirit of Rebellion” to which a vast majority of humans choose (yes friends it always comes down to choice) to be led into a rebellious act and interesting to note that The Lord God himself states that if a unified humanity sets its mind on anything they shall accomplish it. So as the people set forth to establish a NAME for themselves and be One People, with One Religion, and One Economy, with One Ruler to govern Over them that The Lord God again had to intervene and cause the languages of these people to go into confusion, it is called Babel. We can in our current modern world find a set of people that are more than willing but it is their desire and goal to restore and implement that which was thwarted thousands of years ago. Evidence can be found all around if one may only have the desire to be a watchmen on the wall. I will address this occurrence again further or in later posts. But for now let us continue down the chronological instances of “The Spirit of Rebellion”.

I have pointed out thus far that its origins come mainly from a “serpent” and others from a “different realm” than our own. It is stated in 1 Samuel 15: 22 in the bible; to this affect; it is better to obey than to sacrifice for the spirit of rebellion is LIKE the sin of witchcraft. Wow what an amazing declaration from the prophet of The most High God. For time and space sake I will not delve into those rabbit holes at this time, suffice enough for some word associations with the term “witchcraft”. This not an exclusive list but enough to get the point across they include; divination, sorcery, the occult. And rebellion or disobedience is likened to those practices.

I would like to now ties this in with the current situation facing our great nation. Proverbs 17:11 states this in the NIV Bible:

“An EVIL man is bent on REBELLION; a MERCILESS official WILL BE SENT against him.”

Sounds to me like the police should not be being “de-funded” lest our streets and towns and cities be over run with those that have evil intentions. Have you seen the news lately? You’ll need to search to see what is really going on, for the biased media will no longer cover the truth of what is going on, I digress. In Jeremiah 28:16 & 29:32 again we find people willing to lead others (a nation) into believing a LIE and preaching or declaring REBELLION!

The plan is a simple one, it can be summed up as this.

It is to remove an “Established Authority”. To lead in Revolt. The people in this country, and I have a feeling it is a vast majority that are beginning to see the deceptive words and mantra being forced fed down Americas throat. And they will not sit idly by much longer and watch the chaos go forth.

2020 vision is commonly referred to as “perfect” vision or simply seeing clearly in this coincidental year of the same it is becoming quite clear and evident that that same “Spirit of Rebellion” is raising its ugly head. Once again to lead the nation(s) into universal rebellion towards God Most High.

Lord God in heaven we ask YOU for mercy in this time of turmoil. We humbly ask for discernment to unmask the “True” enemy of liberty and to wage a spiritual warfare. We ask that you would empower and embolden YOUR people, those called by your Great Name to be Strong and Courageous to loudly declare and to stand unified in opposition to the “Spirit of Rebellion” and give us a “Spirit of Righteousness” and a willingness to speak it, walk it, and live it!

In Christ Jesus’ Holy NAME….

let all who agree SHOUT