Son of Man

Vav: 6 ; Nail

Psalms 119:41-48

v41. May YOUR Unfailing LOVE come to me, O LORD your Salvation according to Your PROMISE, then I will answer the one who taunts me.

v48. I lift up my hands to Your commands, which I Love, and I meditate on your decrees.

Just as Jesus (Yeshua) lift up His hands and was nailed to the cross, His great Love for us bought our Salvation. He is the WORD made flesh, in obedience to it was His delight. His promises are true and faithful, and He will fulfill them as we are washed and renewed in our hearts and minds by the WORD.



Heh : Behold, reveal

v34. Give me UNDERSTANDING, and I will keep your law and Obey it with ALL my Heart.

v36. Turn My Heart toward your statutes and NOT toward selfish gain.

Open the eyes of my heart Lord to your Word, and give me understanding, so that I might know you and follow you ever more closely. Reveal the marvelous mystery and treasures hidden in your word. As food for my soul.

A Place for HIS NAME

Where does The LORD God Almighty, El Shaddai dwell, where is the place for HIS NAME? Is it on a mountain top, a sacred place in nature, perhaps it can be found in a temple obscured behind a veil? Is there a process or sequence of “steps” to take to enter into His Glorious Presence? We look into His Word for instruction, for guidance, and Wisdom. Three attributes we are to pursue are knowledge, understanding, and WISDOM. The FEAR of The Lord is the beginning of knowledge, a knowledge or “KNOWING” of The Holy One of Israel. For the LORD gives Wisdom, and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding. [Prov. 1:7, 2:6]

The earth is the Lords, it is his footstool, everything in it belongs to HIM. So will there really be a “dwelling” place for Him? [Ps 24:1, Mt. 5:35, Ex. 25:8, 1Ki. 8:27-29]

Moses, the prophet of The Lord, EL Elyon, Adonai Elhoim, YHWH! Is where we will first look to have this amazing encounter with the Lord Almighty. The Book of The Law, the first 5 books of our bible are full of instructionary literature that are not only precise in their precepts and good for doctrinal teaching, they also carry with them, the blue prints to know and to seek after the object of ALL of scripture and ALL our affection. The Divine Presence of The Living GOD.

In the Book of Exodus Moses is given instruction, to build or to replicate EVERYTHING he saw in the pattern shown to Him by The LORD , a glimpse into the Eternal Dwelling Place of God, His Throne, and the surrounding elements that lead unto this instance of a Divine encounter. From the mountain top to the Tent of Meeting (Tabernacle) God spoke to Moses face to face. His countenance was so radiant and reflective that the people were terrified to see him and required for Moses to cover his face. This radiant reflection is known as the Shekinah Glory: the heavy, weighty, manifest presence of God. So how did Moses come to a PLACE in which he could meet (fellowship) with the King of Glory?

Before we look into the pattern Moses was shown, lets look at a few specific details that should not be overlooked found in Exodus 19. As the nation of Israel assembled and was consecrated at the foot of the mountain, God was about to “Show Up”. A DARK THICK CLOUD ( VEIL) descended upon the mountain top, a consuming FIRE engulfed the peaks. and the sound of the shofar (trumpet, specifically the rams horn) grew louder and louder! Thunder and lighting announced the arrival of The creator of heaven and earth. The sight and imagery are enough to makes us tremble and shake in awe even now. Then The Lord calls to His servant.

In the pattern Moses was shown we find the following elements, and the “order” for WORSHIP. [Ex. 25-27]

  1. The articles were to be Consecrated to The Lord: That is seperated/made HOLY
  2. An Altar: The FIRE of the LORD (*=more on this in upcoming articles)
  3. A Basin [washing]
  4. Entrance into the Holy Place [Tent of Meeting]
  5. The Golden Table for the BREAD of Presence (*WORD)
  6. The Golden Lampstand (*Holy Spirit/Oil)
  7. Altar of Incense (*Fragrance/Prayers)
  8. Veil…Holy of Holies (behind is where we desire access)
  9. The Mercy Seat, The Ark of His Covenant, His Throne in the earth.

In these designed elements for worship and fellowship with God Most High we must not get to focused on the physical construct of the articles, much more than that we must look into the purpose and intent of each process.

The Bible informs us that God changes not He is the SAME yesterday, today, and forever…hallelujah!

That means if we desire to approach, draw closer to Him, the principles are already laid out for us.

When Jesus gave up his spirit on the cross it is reported that the veil was rent from top to bottom, no longer do we gain access thru a once a year observance, nor by another intermediary. We have personal direct access. However, the elemental process to meet with and have a greater relationship as did Moses did with The Most High God remains the same. We must become a consecrated vessel, we must place ourselves upon the altar of FIRE, we must partake of the BREAD (Word made flesh), become illuminated by the Holy Spirit (Oil for the lampstand), taking coals from the altar mixed with our intercessory prayers as a fragrance before the Lord, “An offering made by FIRE A sweet AROMA unto The LORD” (Lev. 1-3), confirming His Lordship and covenant and Authority over or lives (His will). He will then come in power and might and majesty into that dwelling place we have prepared for him. A place for HIS NAME to Dwell . To declare to us, talk with us, guide us and as Moses pleaded with The Lord, do not let us go from this place UNLESS your Presence go with us! [Ex. 33:14-17]. We are to take him everywhere we go. His Presence in our lives should impact and effect the people we encounter, not because of who we are but because of whose Presence we’ve not only been in, but carry with us!

May The God of ALL things richly bless you and meet with you as you draw near to Him.

All Glory to Him!

Someone is knocking on the Door


Psalms 119:25-32

v27. Let me UNDERSTAND the teaching of your precepts; then I will MEDITATE on your wonders.

v30. I have chosen The WAY of TRUTH; I have set my HEART on your laws.

v32. I run in the PATH of your Commands, for you have set my HEART Free.

Jesus declared in Jn.14:6 “I AM The WAY The TRUTH, and The LIFE”.

Acts 9 & 24 state that followers of The Messiah were disciples of The WAY!

Mt. 7, Lk. 11, Rev 3. announce that He is at The Door of our HEARTS and He is KNOCKING, so that we might allow Him entrance into our lives to come in and have fellowship with us. That He might TEACH us and guide us into His Truth.

Heavenly Father, today we humbly OPEN the DOOR our hearts, our ears, our minds, our whole being to you. LORD we ask that You would come in and lead us into the Way of LIFE and Truth. By your Holy Spirit Lord let us run in the path you have established for us.

In Jesus’ Holy and precious Name.

Feast of Sukkot

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Festival of Tabernacles

This is one of the 3 appointed times in scripture that The Lord required His people to meet, celebrate, and bring offerings and fellowship with Him. The other feasts, which were ordained by God himself to be kept are Passover, Pentecost (feast of Weeks). As believers in Christ Jesus we view these observances as types and shadows or forecasts of fulfillments by the Messiah. (Exodus 23)

The Feast of Tabernacles is known as the the “In-gathering” the time of the harvest. As the people of God wait for the fulfillment of this celebration, we in the body of Christ view this feast as a symbol of the “Rapture” a time when the Lord will descend and with the blast of the shofar that the dead in Christ, along with those that are alive shall be “called up” gathered, to meet The LORD in the Air. As this feast is observed for 7 days, so to will the church and all that have put their trust in the saving grace of Jesus, the Passover lamb of God, celebrate The Wedding Supper of The Lamb.

The Feasts of the latter Harvest Time/ Gathering of grapes and olives:

Feast of Trumpets [Shofar]= (Rosh Hashana) New Year the Gathering unto the Lord/ 1 Day/Rapture

10 Days of Awe

The Day of Atonement=(Yom Kippur) The Day of Restoration unto the Lord/1 Day/ End of Church Age

Feast of Tabernacles=(Sukkot) Harvest Festival/7 Days/Tribulation & Wedding Supper

We are rapidly approaching these glorious and terrifying days. As the Lord God appointed three distinct festivals, 3 appointed times to meet with Him to fulfill His divine purpose.

Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. Two have been ultimately fulfilled. We can be rest assured His calendar is set for His Harvest. We need not know the “day” or the “hour”, but we most certainly can and should discern the times and season we are in.

It is time to prepare our hearts and minds, these earthen tents (tabernacles) to rely upon and wait (Is. 40:31 qavah; to bind to or twisted together) upon The LORD. The Holy Spirit of The Most High God must not only dwell in us, but more importantly we must be found in Him , that is to abide in Him, make a dwelling place for His Great Name and as psalms 91 declares make that our refuge our place of habitation.

As we eagerly await the coming of The Bridegroom, let us be found with our lamps ready, our wicks trimmed, and our jars FULL of Oil.

Mat. 25

Lifted Up

Gimel: Lifting, to arise ; will or pride

Psalms 119:17-24

v19. I am a stranger on earth; do not hide your commands from me.

v21. You rebuke the arrogant, who are cursed and who stray from your commands.

To worship literally means to humble oneself and to lie prostrate before the object of your affection and devotion. Humility is the polar opposite of pride, we can choose to humble ourselves or we can lift up our own will and exalt what we can do or achieve. Let The Lord ARISE in our hearts as we humbly submit to His WILL and His WAY.

Thy Word Oh Lord

Psalms 119:1-8


v2.Blessed are they who keep HIS statutes and SEEK HIM with ALL their HEART

v5. Oh that my ways were STEADAST in obeying ALL your decrees!

Heavenly Father let that cry from my heart come before you this morning, that I would seek you and and be steadfast in walking in your truth, your light, and your great LOVE. Be not far from me today Most High GOD, I will cling to you.


Ps 118:6,24

The LORD is with ME. I will not be afraid. What can man do to ME?

We are not to live with or have fear and anxiety, for GREAT and AWESOME is OUR GOD and KING. He WILL NOT leave or forsake us. Therefore, this is the DAY The LORD has made, let US REJOICE and BE GLAD in it!

LORD GOD let us walk IN your JOY and in your STRENGTH today, knowing YOU, walking in and with YOU.

A Blood bought Bride

The Rose of Sharon

Song of Songs 2:1

Isaiah 35, 62



The Perfect and Fragrant Symbol of the Bride made ready for His Majesty the Bridegroom. The bride has not always been so fragrant or a symbol of beauty. We see in the book of Acts the birth of the church, the seed that was planted in the fertile soil prepared by the master gardeners cultivating hands. As always with the seed sown, the enemy tries to come and steal or destroy what was sown. Persecution arose and the seedling of the church was scattered about as spores in the wind. Until about 313 A.D. when Constantine declared the Roman Empire a “Christian” nation. So now the pure, innocent, and tender shoot, yet still empowered church, became a hybrid of what the Master Gardner had intended for his beautiful plant (his beloved, betrothed). It was now mixed with a wild plant called paganism. Over the centuries the hybrid plant commonly known as The Roman Catholic Church, became more suited as a mutated and corrupt plant compared to the pureness of that seed sown on the day of Pentecost.

As more paganistic rituals blended into the doctrines and teachings of that Holy seed, the church was more reminiscent of a weed than a glorious fragrant rose. The gardener who is master over all his creation raised up a man of husbandry to begin the process of correcting the mutation the plant had become, it began with 95 points of contention posted to a door in 1517. For over 1,200 years the evil destroyer of the Seed of God had been working within the body polluting and contaminating the precious flower. But light had come, and the flower began to recognize and respond to the TRUE light. Now for the past 500 years the church has been re-establishing itself to the true plant and flower sown so many years ago. We see now a church preparing herself, as a bride, ready to meet her long-awaited bridegroom. What started on the Feast of Pentecost, 50 days after the Passover Lamb of Messiah (Christ) is now nearing a time of completion.

 As Esther was being prepared to be presented before the King, bathed for  6 months in fragrant oils, so to must the church be saturated in the Holy Oil of the Holy Spirit not only as a sweet fragrance, but to make her soft and supple; that is humble and contrite. Humility before The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. So also, as Ruth presented herself at the foot of Boaz so also will the church be found at the threshing floor at the hem of her master’s garment.  Submitted and committed to do what was required and asked of her to do. The threshing floor is in operation when the harvest has been gathered and the time of separation begins. The wheat from the chaff.

Dear church we are in a time of selection, a time of truth and unwavering. The bride must rise up for this moment in history for this is an appointed time, and those that have ears to hear will not be found wanting.

The radiant Rose of Sharon in full bloom, fragrant and beautiful ready to be presented as a Bride without Spot or Wrinkle.
Hearts wholly surrendered, untainted by the cares of this world, devoted and prepared for His coming!
The road to glory is not a smooth, and pleasant road. It is covered with thorn and thistle. The persecution or rather the purification of the church is at hand. Will you and I be ready for that struggle, that day of trial as by fire. Strengthen the feeble hands and steady the buckling knee, declare to those that find fear gripping their hearts. God will come to deliver you, with vengeance and divine retribution.

God Bless

In The Name of Jesus Our Lord