Take A Little Time…

In this Crazy hectic, often chaotic at times, world we are attempting to survive and live in; COVID, p(l)andemic, world economies crumbling, 4 years of Anti-Trump to now a perhaps “altered” elections, lockdowns and mandates. Even in regards to congregating to celebrate an honoring for the blessings of liberty, although we are keeping our eyesContinue reading “Take A Little Time…”

A Branch, A Root and a Shoot

Isaiah 11:1-2 The Spirit of The LORD will rest upon Him- The Spirit of Wisdom and of Understanding. The Spirit of Counsel and of POWER. The Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of The LORD. What begins as a small and seemingly insignificant appearance (SHOOT) time or moment (event) with God when established, strengthened, andContinue reading “A Branch, A Root and a Shoot”

A Rock, Precious Stones, A Glorious “Tent”

I would like to lay out for you a unique building, designed by a Master Architect, and Master builder. This building has been under construction for many many years, but its Blueprint was established and determined in ancient days. Please allow me to paraphrase God’s Word in order to walk us through this massive buildingContinue reading “A Rock, Precious Stones, A Glorious “Tent””

Arise Oh Mighty Warrior: Kumi Ori

Judges 5:12 Eph. 5:14 Isaiah 60:1 Awaken you Sleeper Is THE Call to The Church, far too long has His Bride been asleep. Not diligent in its purpose (See Devoted to God Post). The world has been the world and the church has been complicit in its abdication of duty and responsibility. Sure we haveContinue reading “Arise Oh Mighty Warrior: Kumi Ori”