Do Not Linger

Several weeks ago as I could not sleep, The Holy Spirit prompted me in my supplications the word “Tarry“. Now many might think as I did immediately to idea of lingering, waiting, or simply procrastinating; this word and its various uses can and do imply so much more. So as you read along and tarry with me for a moment we can dig a bit deeper into a more appreciative view of the Word The Sprit of The Lord is Speaking at this moment to His Church. We can also further understand the importance of the comment from our Lord Jesus, on the night of His betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane He states “…could you not “TARRY” with me One hour?” Mt. 26:40

If to tarry simply implies to linger or hang out, then His disciples surely had accomplished that, as they too were in the garden. Let us look at this word in its original language, context, and in various uses in scripture.

As noted above in the Gospels this word “tarry” in the original Greek lexicon is

Strong’s #3306; meno: verb; to stay (in place, relation, or expectancy) abide, continue, dwell, endure, be present, remain, to stand.

This is an active participation, cooperating in that which we are to be engaged in at that moment. It is not idle and it is not passive.

Again, the Risen Christ tells His disciples in the Book of Acts to “Tarry” in Jerusalem until they have received power, now we many times glance over the “Tarrying” and go straight for the “power”. In the next few verses of chapter 1 of Acts we find the students and followers of The Way in an Upper room, “praying” ; “anticipating“, “watching” they recalled when Jesus asked them to tarry with him in the Garden, so they knew now that it was not just to sit idly by but an active engagement in the spirit through intercessory prayer, a birthing type of prayer see Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel 1:10-2:10. We find this example throughout scripture Elijah travailing in prayer for rain, to note in Genesis we find Adam having a time of fellowship (koinonia) with The Almighty in The Garden of Eden in the cool of the day, Our Father seems to really like gardens, it reminds me of a song “In The Garden” and a phrase of that lyric that sings: “Oh the joy we share as we TARRY there no other has ever known”. (Mary Magdalene in the Garden Tomb setting, meeting and tarrying with the Risen Christ is the inspiration of this song). And again as recorded in the Gospels Jesus himself would arise before dawn to go and have a time of fellowship alone with His Father.

In Isaiah 40:31 this well known verse often quotes “…they that “wait” upon the Lord shall renew their strength…” the word wait here is likened to “tarry“, in the Hebrew the word is qavah Strong’s #6960 and it means to be entwined, to become a part of, to be strengthened by twisting together.

Ecclesiates 4:12 states that a cord of three is not easily broken, when you braid strands into a cord it is so much more durable and stronger than by itself.

Jesus is speaking to His church right now that this is the season we need to be yoking ourselves to Him by The Holy Spirit, though The WORD, and prayer and intercession, watching and discerning, to be making ourselves ready as one prepared for the Bridegrooms announced arrival as noted in the parable of the Ten Virgins in Mathew 25.

Those that do not hearken to His promptings, will be like the 5 virgins that are not prepared or ready for His Wedding banquet. Will you be found ready having prepared yourself or will you be found wanting?

Hear what The Spirit is saying to the Church in this moment.

Tarry with Him The Bridegroom By His Spirit, through His Word, til He Returns for His Bride!


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