Anointed and Appointed

In the Book of Exodus Moses receives instruction from The Lord God, first at the burning bush, then again on the mountaintop of Sinai. The instructions state simply that there are THREE (3) specified times that The Lord God has anointed and appointed as “meeting” times with Him, times to come to sacrifice, and to worship Him!

These three anointed and appointed times are known as “FEASTS” Our God loves to have “joyful family gatherings” and are as detailed in the following.

These Anointed and Appointed times are established to assemble, follow, and understand as the basis of which are the types and shadows of The Messianic Promises.

The First of these three divinely Anointed and Appointed Festivals;

  1. Springtime Festivals (Feasts) Appointed Time 7 days Appointed
    • Length of Feast and Appointed Dates: 14th Nisin, 15th-21st Nisin
    • 10th of Nisin -14th Nisin

Passover: 10th Nisin – 14th Nisin; Sacrificial Lamb. Inspected 4 days, slaughtered and Blood applied for “Salvation” or deliverance from “Judgement”

Unleavened Bread: 15th – 21stYeast (SIN) Made in haste to flee Egypt, Doctrines of men and devils, is part of the Feast Week.

First Fruits: Presented 3 days after Passover for the upcoming harvest, that the harvest would be made plentiful and blessed, that the rest of the (Barley/Wheat) harvest. Jesus fulfilled, that is He IS the First Fruits. First Fruits is observed as the offering of first fruits on the first Sabbath after Passover. Resurrection Sunday [Harvest] That as He was found Worthy, He makes the Way for the Remainder of the Harvest to be brought forth. As well as His ascension to be seated at the Right Hand of The Father.

Selected, Inspected, Slaughtered, Buried, Resurrected. Symbolic of the actual fulfillment on these specific dates, Anointed and Appointed in Yeshua HaMeshiach (Meshiach means Anointed One)

(Exodus, A Mighty Hand and an Outstretched Arm) YHWH.. Behold Hands Behold Nails

So in Jesus (Yeshua) we see ALL Three symbolic/prophetic meanings fulfilled in Messiah. Down to the exact and specific dates. Sounds like GOD!

Next in Line of “Anointed and Appointed” times according to God’s instructions is

2. Summer Time Festival (Feast) Apponited Time

Feast of Weeks (Harvest/Pentecost): 49 days after Passover, at Mt. Sinai, Moses received the WORD (Law) of GOD.

Seven weeks after Passover, is the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost = 50) from the Greek Septuagint.

34:22 “Celebrate the Feast of Weeks with the firstfruits of the wheat harvest,”

Pentecost concluded the Feast of Weeks, which began with a day for the offering of first fruits on the first Sabbath after Passover (Lev. 23:10-11), and ended fifty days later, with what came to be known as the primary celebration of firstfruits.

Ten days (10 another significant symbolic number throughout scripture) after Yeshua (Jesus) ascended into heaven (from Mt. of Olives). The Feast of Pentecost had fully come [Acts 2:1] The disciples of Messiah were ALL gathered (ecclesia) in UNITY. The place was shaken and with a mighty rushing Wind and with fire The promised Holy Spirit of God arrived and just like in Exodus the WORD was given! Written not upon tablets of stone but of flesh. And the implementation of The Messianic Covenant had begun. The Church Age (dispensation of grace) or it could be referred to as The Time of the Gentiles was underway. And as stated by Peter the prophecy of Joel had started.

This also being related to agricultural terms, the feast was an observance of the barley and wheat harvest. (Gentile/Jew)

Again we see fulfillment in Messiah as First fruits to His promise to send another…

4 ot the 7 distinct festival observances that lie within the three (3) Anointed and Appointed types and shadows have been fulfilled by Yeshua in accordance to the specifically ordained dates and seasons , there remain 3 observances to fully complete God’s specified ordinances for mankind.

Thirdly we see the Feasts of the Autumn time frame of which is the culmination of the annual festivals.

3: First day of Seventh month (Tishri), 1st,10th, 15th-22.

Feast of Trumpets: 1st of Tishri. The Shofar will be blown, the origin of this Feast does not have anything in general to “Rosh Hashanah” as that is more tradition than Torah (Law; first 5 books of the bible) observance. The blowing of the shofar is the ALARM call for repentance and getting right with God Almighty, leading to another 10 day period.

10 Days of Awe: Repentance and preparedness of the wonderous working power of God, His past works and for that which He will do in the future.

Day of Atonement: The 10th day of Tishri. A day in which the Lamb, the red heifer, and the scapegoat would be sacrificed, burned, and cast out accordingly. The High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies only during this time to place the blood upon the Mercy Seat for the forgiveness of the sins of the nation (people).

Since the destruction of Solomon’s Temple (the first temple) there has not been an Arc of the Covenant/Mercy seat to receive the Atoning Blood, and since 70 AD the nation of Israel has not even had a temple to partake in on the day of Atonement.

Red Heifer: Very rare and any potential candidate is currently being highly guarded in Israel for a potential day of atonement sacrifice to re-consecrate the 3rd Temple.

Azazel: scape goat (SIN) Baphomet (Pan) Two horned goat image of satan/seed. Tradition states that a scarlet thread was attached to the horns and as the priest laid his hands (placing the sin) on it, it was then to be sent to the wilderness, however the custom of the day was they would take the scapegoat to a high hill and cast it down, the scarlet thread would turn white, signifying the peoples sin had been cleansed.

Feast of Tabernacles: Booths/Tents/ Sukkot/dwellings

In Exodus The Lord says this is to remind Israel that during their 40 year wandering in the desert that God had them dwell in booths.

This is the MOST current significant of the remaining Feast times, as this Feast of Tabernacles is commonly known as the In-gathering . For those not familiar with agricultural practices, the In-gathering is an event separate but linked to the “Harvest”. Harvest time is when you go into the field and harvest the fruit, then if needed it would then go to the “Threshing Floor” to separate the grain from the husk then ALL good grain, grapes, olives, etc. would be “In-Gathered” to the storehouse (Barn).

These Anointed and Appointed Times have not yet seen its fulfillment as it pertains to Messiah and His ministry and Kingdom, when the Trumpet sounds “The Last Trump” shofar of heaven. Could this be the Trump spoken by Paul concerning the “Rapture” of the church? Or is the feast of Tabernacles that event as we are In-gathered to King Jesus’s Father’s Kingdom. Remember Jesus words. “In My Fathers’ House are many Rooms, I go to “prepare” a place for you so that where I am you may be also. Dear believer we will someday be “Gathered In” and brought to a place that The LORD has been preparing for some 2,000 years.

As I finish writing this at sundown today we enter The Day of Atonement for the Hebrew/Jewish year of 5782. which coincidentally is also a 7th year of Sabbatical Year (Shemitah) There are No coincidences with The Living God! › The-ShemitahThe Shemitah (sometimes spelled Shemittah or Shmita) is the final year in a seven-year cycle of debt forgiveness and land use prescribed for Israel in the …

As stated above and specified in scripture these three “Anointed and Appointed” times are not merely “Jewish” festivals for they belong to The Lord God and are His, outlining His glorious plan of salvation for Israel and ALL of humanity. I truly hope, and it is My prayer in writing this, is to bring some hunger and thirsting for truth in The Body of Christ, to gain a better understanding and appreciation for those things that The Lord Our God has instructed, and not merely rely upon the traditions of man. His Anointed and appointed times, three in total but they encompass so much more.

Three Anointed and Appointed times, 7 days in each Festival observance with specific details to be discovered in each aspect in regards to The Messianic Covenant and Almighty God’s Redemptive Plan. A Jewish Wedding lasted 7 days, The time of Jacobs Trouble again 7 days or years. Will The Feast of Tabernacles usher in The Wedding Supper of The Lamb, while those on earth experience Satan’s 7 year reign of horror? We eagerly await God’s fulfillment of ALL things He has Ordained.

Special side note: You DO NOT see in any of these sacred times, December 25th “Christmas” nor do you see “Easter” especially eggs and bunnies for those observances we must look into Pagan culture and ancient rituals of worship of the starry hosts and names such as Ishtar (Isis or Inannah), Nimrod (Baal or Molech) , Tammuz (Pan or Baphomet), that is to say Mystery Babylon.

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