Prophecy or Discernment

Does it take a Prophet to see what is going on in the state, national, and even global geo-political spectrum to understand we are living in “Prophetic” times? We can and should be able to state the obvious We are Living in The Last Days, the days leading up to the following events for human history.

The Apostasy or “falling” away; as many so called self prophesed “christians” will conduct themselves in a more and more wordly fashion, nations will continue to sink lower and lower into “Depravity”. In the mean time God will be advancing His Kingdom for a final threshing for the The Great Harvest. Time to gather the grapes.

The Rapture or “taken/caught Up”; The Body of Christ (Bride) in the earth will be removed. The Body is the container of The Holy Spirit of God and will likewise be “taken” out of the Way to “reveal” the Lawless One.

The False Prophet and Messiah or global universal inclusive religion and the one that shall restore “order” from the chaos. He will bring “economic stability” and “peace” to the nations including The Covenant with Israel, preparing the way for the Third Temple. Which will bring about a psuedo peace for a moment in time, that appears on the surface to be “Utopia” on earth. This will be a short lived reign as the Lie and deception eventually comes to the light of day.

WAR will inevitiably return to the Middle East this time with ALL the nations, most noted will be Gog and Magog; Russia and Turkey, Assyria; Syria and Mosul, Babylon; Iraq and Iran, China 2 million man Army marches for the oil fileds. All turned toward Israel and Jerusalem in particular. The winepress of His fury has been filling the cup of judgement and destruction and is about to be released upon humankind.

A prophet does not need to see or hear that which has been already given. But to be a student and discerner of God’s WORD. To gain understanding to the revelation already revealed. The Prophet MUST be the intrument that sounds the alarm, that blows the shofar loudy for ALL to hear. The Watchman is the Standard for these End Times. To see and to discern, and to make known, the approaching condition as mans final days until all prophecy and scripture is fufilled.

Make hast and make ready, be watchful, and as obedient children of the “light” rescue as many as are held in darkness and captivity.

The Lord Bless you and keep you

The LORD make His FACE Shine upon you and be gracious to you

The LORD lift up His countenance to you and give you PEACE.

Stand Firm with your Sheild ready.

Published by jer2329jb63

Born in the U.S.A., served in the U.S. Army, studied for the Ministry. I LOVE my GOD, my Family, and my COUNTRY. I LOVE LIBERTY & Standing for what is RIGHT! thats me in a nutshell.

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