Habakkuk: LP/OP

AN LP/OP is a military term for a Listening Post/Observation Post. And when assigned that duty you only relinquish when properly relieved of that duty.

2:1 I will stand at my watch-

God has appointed watchman, with a specific purpose, and for a specific time. We are in a time such as that. I AM a Watchman, so I will fulfill my duty with integrity and devotion.

-and station myself on the ramparts; I will LOOK to see what He will Say

To Watch and Observe

A place of unobscured vision, to see out past the gates. Where are you positioned my fellow watchmen. A watchman, is much like a sheepdog to The Good Shepherd. He keeps a steady eye on the sheep, mindful and watchful for the silent attack of the predator. He also is Always aware of the location of The Good Shepherd, and awaits His Masters voice. His activity, His comings and goings.

In the Book of Habakkuk we find the prophet complaining or questioning The Lord Almighty in regards to Wickedness, unrighteousness, and Justice. We are in a Time in which we might find ourselves in that same predicament. We are in a Time much speculated about what God is doing, what it appear is happening in America and really around the planet. God is setting the table for what He is about to reveal.


Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald (messenger) may run with it. For the Revelation of it (Reveal, or to Unveil) awaits an “Appointed Time”; it speaks of the End and will not prove False.

The world is being set for the appearance of one who will be like a breath of fresh air, with wonderous words and miraculous deeds. Yet he is not as he appears. Lies, and deception are his craft. His zeal for power will ultimately reveal his true nature. We are in an “Appointed Time” . As we are beholding in our day the implementation of that which was declared, in ancient days. One who is puffed up, prideful, arrogant; one who desires not righteousness, but greed drives him so that he will continuously take more from you, stealing and extorting until all are his captives. This should not take us by surprise, should not instill fear. As the Watchman has seen his coming for a time.

Though it Linger wait for it; it Will certainly come and not delay.

The End is rapidly approaching, the end of one period of time , is just the beginning of another period of time. For some the waiting is the difficult part. Will Righteousness prevail? Or will the continued lies and deception for the ultimate confrontation be allowed to continue? I will declare to you that we will see something miraculous in our day, to where it should leave no doubt. That God is in control of kingdoms and nations and rulers. This pause or respite will not be a long term occasion, it like Lot having time to be removed from Sodom and Gomorrah, is for a sovereign move of God by His Holy Spirit moving in and through a revitalized empowered church (body of believers) for the salvation of many. Prior to The Good Shepherd coming to receive that which belongs to Him.

A simple Proclamation at The Grand Canyon

Habakkuk ends in declaration of the sovereignty of The Lord God Almighty, and states;

3:18-19 Yet I Will REJOICE in The LORD, I will be Joyful in God My Savior. The Sovereign Lord IS My Strength…

We MUST always rely on The Lord Our God, and Praise, Exalt, Adore, and Worship His Holy Name for He alone is Worthy.

Habakkuk means He who embraces or he who clings to. We must CLING to and hold onto The Lord for our FAITH in HIM will sustain us.

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Born in the U.S.A., served in the U.S. Army, studied for the Ministry. I LOVE my GOD, my Family, and my COUNTRY. I LOVE LIBERTY & Standing for what is RIGHT! thats me in a nutshell.

2 thoughts on “Habakkuk: LP/OP

  1. Thank you Jim so well written! Beautiful how you lay out the story so easy to understand. Beautiful pics too!
    I’m sitting with my Mom reading her your words in hopes it comforts her in her last hours.


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