A Desperate Cry

Psalms 119: 145-152

Qoph: #100; The back of the head, least, last, final


V 145. I call with All my heart; answer me O LORD, and I will obey Your decrees

V 146. I call out to You; Save me and I will keep Your statutes.

V 147. I rise before dawn and cry for help; I have put my Hope in your Word

V 152. Long ago I learned from your statutes that You established them to Last Forever.

The End, that which is Final, The last of something, is usually the beginning of something anew. Jesus (Yeshua) cried out from the cross “It is Finished”. But it wasn’t the End, no the Church was birthed 50 days later. The Church Age, may be coming to a close; that does not mean it is All over, it is only the Beginning of Eternity. While dispensations may continue on earth, all creation is longing for the revelation of the Sons of God, to be redeemed from the curse. A day of reckoning is approaching. As we wait that blessed day we find ourselves in conflict, as in labor pains. We The Church Must Cry out In sincere Desperation, in the fulness of this Time, for He alone is Our Hope and Our Salvation.

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