Anointed and Appointed

In the Book of Exodus Moses receives instruction from The Lord God, first at the burning bush, then again on the mountaintop of Sinai. The instructions state simply that there are THREE (3) specified times that The Lord God has anointed and appointed as “meeting” times with Him, times to come to sacrifice, and to worship Him!

These three anointed and appointed times are known as “FEASTS” Our God loves to have “joyful family gatherings” and are as detailed in the following.

These Anointed and Appointed times are established to assemble, follow, and understand as the basis of which are the types and shadows of The Messianic Promises.

The First of these three divinely Anointed and Appointed Festivals;

  1. Springtime Festivals (Feasts) Appointed Time 7 days Appointed
    • Length of Feast and Appointed Dates: 14th Nisin, 15th-21st Nisin
    • 10th of Nisin -14th Nisin

Passover: 10th Nisin – 14th Nisin; Sacrificial Lamb. Inspected 4 days, slaughtered and Blood applied for “Salvation” or deliverance from “Judgement”

Unleavened Bread: 15th – 21stYeast (SIN) Made in haste to flee Egypt, Doctrines of men and devils, is part of the Feast Week.

First Fruits: Presented 3 days after Passover for the upcoming harvest, that the harvest would be made plentiful and blessed, that the rest of the (Barley/Wheat) harvest. Jesus fulfilled, that is He IS the First Fruits. First Fruits is observed as the offering of first fruits on the first Sabbath after Passover. Resurrection Sunday [Harvest] That as He was found Worthy, He makes the Way for the Remainder of the Harvest to be brought forth. As well as His ascension to be seated at the Right Hand of The Father.

Selected, Inspected, Slaughtered, Buried, Resurrected. Symbolic of the actual fulfillment on these specific dates, Anointed and Appointed in Yeshua HaMeshiach (Meshiach means Anointed One)

(Exodus, A Mighty Hand and an Outstretched Arm) YHWH.. Behold Hands Behold Nails

So in Jesus (Yeshua) we see ALL Three symbolic/prophetic meanings fulfilled in Messiah. Down to the exact and specific dates. Sounds like GOD!

Next in Line of “Anointed and Appointed” times according to God’s instructions is

2. Summer Time Festival (Feast) Apponited Time

Feast of Weeks (Harvest/Pentecost): 49 days after Passover, at Mt. Sinai, Moses received the WORD (Law) of GOD.

Seven weeks after Passover, is the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost = 50) from the Greek Septuagint.

34:22 “Celebrate the Feast of Weeks with the firstfruits of the wheat harvest,”

Pentecost concluded the Feast of Weeks, which began with a day for the offering of first fruits on the first Sabbath after Passover (Lev. 23:10-11), and ended fifty days later, with what came to be known as the primary celebration of firstfruits.

Ten days (10 another significant symbolic number throughout scripture) after Yeshua (Jesus) ascended into heaven (from Mt. of Olives). The Feast of Pentecost had fully come [Acts 2:1] The disciples of Messiah were ALL gathered (ecclesia) in UNITY. The place was shaken and with a mighty rushing Wind and with fire The promised Holy Spirit of God arrived and just like in Exodus the WORD was given! Written not upon tablets of stone but of flesh. And the implementation of The Messianic Covenant had begun. The Church Age (dispensation of grace) or it could be referred to as The Time of the Gentiles was underway. And as stated by Peter the prophecy of Joel had started.

This also being related to agricultural terms, the feast was an observance of the barley and wheat harvest. (Gentile/Jew)

Again we see fulfillment in Messiah as First fruits to His promise to send another…

4 ot the 7 distinct festival observances that lie within the three (3) Anointed and Appointed types and shadows have been fulfilled by Yeshua in accordance to the specifically ordained dates and seasons , there remain 3 observances to fully complete God’s specified ordinances for mankind.

Thirdly we see the Feasts of the Autumn time frame of which is the culmination of the annual festivals.

3: First day of Seventh month (Tishri), 1st,10th, 15th-22.

Feast of Trumpets: 1st of Tishri. The Shofar will be blown, the origin of this Feast does not have anything in general to “Rosh Hashanah” as that is more tradition than Torah (Law; first 5 books of the bible) observance. The blowing of the shofar is the ALARM call for repentance and getting right with God Almighty, leading to another 10 day period.

10 Days of Awe: Repentance and preparedness of the wonderous working power of God, His past works and for that which He will do in the future.

Day of Atonement: The 10th day of Tishri. A day in which the Lamb, the red heifer, and the scapegoat would be sacrificed, burned, and cast out accordingly. The High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies only during this time to place the blood upon the Mercy Seat for the forgiveness of the sins of the nation (people).

Since the destruction of Solomon’s Temple (the first temple) there has not been an Arc of the Covenant/Mercy seat to receive the Atoning Blood, and since 70 AD the nation of Israel has not even had a temple to partake in on the day of Atonement.

Red Heifer: Very rare and any potential candidate is currently being highly guarded in Israel for a potential day of atonement sacrifice to re-consecrate the 3rd Temple.

Azazel: scape goat (SIN) Baphomet (Pan) Two horned goat image of satan/seed. Tradition states that a scarlet thread was attached to the horns and as the priest laid his hands (placing the sin) on it, it was then to be sent to the wilderness, however the custom of the day was they would take the scapegoat to a high hill and cast it down, the scarlet thread would turn white, signifying the peoples sin had been cleansed.

Feast of Tabernacles: Booths/Tents/ Sukkot/dwellings

In Exodus The Lord says this is to remind Israel that during their 40 year wandering in the desert that God had them dwell in booths.

This is the MOST current significant of the remaining Feast times, as this Feast of Tabernacles is commonly known as the In-gathering . For those not familiar with agricultural practices, the In-gathering is an event separate but linked to the “Harvest”. Harvest time is when you go into the field and harvest the fruit, then if needed it would then go to the “Threshing Floor” to separate the grain from the husk then ALL good grain, grapes, olives, etc. would be “In-Gathered” to the storehouse (Barn).

These Anointed and Appointed Times have not yet seen its fulfillment as it pertains to Messiah and His ministry and Kingdom, when the Trumpet sounds “The Last Trump” shofar of heaven. Could this be the Trump spoken by Paul concerning the “Rapture” of the church? Or is the feast of Tabernacles that event as we are In-gathered to King Jesus’s Father’s Kingdom. Remember Jesus words. “In My Fathers’ House are many Rooms, I go to “prepare” a place for you so that where I am you may be also. Dear believer we will someday be “Gathered In” and brought to a place that The LORD has been preparing for some 2,000 years.

As I finish writing this at sundown today we enter The Day of Atonement for the Hebrew/Jewish year of 5782. which coincidentally is also a 7th year of Sabbatical Year (Shemitah) There are No coincidences with The Living God! › The-ShemitahThe Shemitah (sometimes spelled Shemittah or Shmita) is the final year in a seven-year cycle of debt forgiveness and land use prescribed for Israel in the …

As stated above and specified in scripture these three “Anointed and Appointed” times are not merely “Jewish” festivals for they belong to The Lord God and are His, outlining His glorious plan of salvation for Israel and ALL of humanity. I truly hope, and it is My prayer in writing this, is to bring some hunger and thirsting for truth in The Body of Christ, to gain a better understanding and appreciation for those things that The Lord Our God has instructed, and not merely rely upon the traditions of man. His Anointed and appointed times, three in total but they encompass so much more.

Three Anointed and Appointed times, 7 days in each Festival observance with specific details to be discovered in each aspect in regards to The Messianic Covenant and Almighty God’s Redemptive Plan. A Jewish Wedding lasted 7 days, The time of Jacobs Trouble again 7 days or years. Will The Feast of Tabernacles usher in The Wedding Supper of The Lamb, while those on earth experience Satan’s 7 year reign of horror? We eagerly await God’s fulfillment of ALL things He has Ordained.

Special side note: You DO NOT see in any of these sacred times, December 25th “Christmas” nor do you see “Easter” especially eggs and bunnies for those observances we must look into Pagan culture and ancient rituals of worship of the starry hosts and names such as Ishtar (Isis or Inannah), Nimrod (Baal or Molech) , Tammuz (Pan or Baphomet), that is to say Mystery Babylon.

A Line in the Sand

We have heard of “The shot heard around the world.”, no I am not speaking of an insignificant bit of baseball trivia. I am speaking of the start of the Revolutionary War in America at Lexington and Concord. An example of a David vs Goliath battle. The colonies and Minute Men, taking on the British Empires World dominating miltary. A fight for freedom and liberty, to be released, set free, from the shackles of tyranny and the control of the few over the many.

America has been the beacon around the world over the centuries and decades as a light of hope and opportunity for all that wished to be “free” to pursue their dreams and desires for themselves and their descendants.

Over the past few decades we have seen an erosion of what our nation truly was suppossed to be.

On September 9th 2021, Joe Biden, as “President of the United States of America” declared on global news with a “stern face” “we have been patient with you! Our patience is wearing thin. GET VACCINATED”

They have drawn the Line for Me, this is where I Stand!

The president has just drew “a line in the sand” against the citizenry of these United States, no longer is this a government of the (common) people, by the (common) people, for the (common) people. No this is now of the elite, by the elite, and strictly for the elite. COMPLY or ELSE! He has in facto fired the first shot.

We see this whole covid 19 Corona (Crown) virus politicized from day 1 as a weapon of opportunity, it is no longer just about a questionable and debateable viral injection, this is ALL about control and will you submit to the subjagation of tyranny and authority of the Global Powers aka New World Order [see posts titled Nimrod Rising, New World Order Old World Agenda].

All of this is paving the way, rapidly I might add, for the collapse of socieites as we know and from the chaos the emergence of The One to oversee and implement his New/One World Order ( the orchestrator of the chaos).

In the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the author, The Apostle John writes in the 13th chapter, starting in verse 16: “He also FORCED everyone , small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a MARK…so that NO ONE could buy or sell unless they had the MARK,”. NIV emphasis added

I am not implying nor am I denying that the psuedo-vaccine is the MARK, or that Joe Biden is that “him”. However I do strongly believe that all of what is before us today is setting the stage for and allowing the powers that be to observe the responses, for the implementation of that day/time. We are on that cusp of prophecy!

Jesus instructed His disciples in Mathew 24 and 25 to “Therefore KEEP WATCH” and to “See” for all the signs regarding his imminent RETURN!

It is of no use to be awake or “woke” if your eyes are closed or worse still cannot discern what you are seeing.

I pray for all that eyes may be open, and hearts softened to the gentle tugs from The Holy Spirit that wishes to bring you into an encounter with The Living Loving Savior of All of mankind. Jesus The Christ! Yeshua HaMashiach!

The Day of Reckoning

Prepare The Way of coming of The LORD!

Psalms 50

The concept of reckoning or to be more accurate reconcilaition refers to the process by which All things are not simply made right, as in an accounting principal (balanced) no this is much more intent and complete, it is a clean slate, it has been wiped clean a new fresh start. Why would we need a fresh clean start, why isnt forgiveness, love, and kindness enough.

We are not dealing with man, or a false idea of who God is. Let the words of Asaph ring TRUTH into our ears and understand the prophetic nature of God’s Word and discern the time in which we as a nation hang in the balance.

Starting in verse 1 “The MIGHTY One, GOD, The LORD SPEAKS and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets”.

Intially we discover that first God, The LORD is Mighty and there is NONE like Him. also, there is a rising and a setting, a completion of a term or cycle. The END of it.

“Our GOD comes and WILL NOT BE SILENT, a FIRE devours before Him, and around Him a tempest rages. He summons the heavens above, and the earth, that He may JUDGE His people. [Psalms 50:3-4] NIV

The timing now is not one of silence but of clear and concise bold confession. There must be a distinct noticaeable and tangible difference between those He is about to JUDGE. God is a “Consuming Fire” as noted throughout scripture. Abraham, Moses, Elijah, John, Peter, and Paul they all knew that He consumes that which is offered up to Him. The chaos is all around, but it is NOT near Him for He is not moved or shaken by anything, He is The One that does the shaking!

“Gather to ME My consecrated ones, who made a covenant with me by sacrifice”. [Ps 50:5]

A fire, a sacrifce, a consectrated – devoted offering made unto the LORD, establishes The TRUE Covenant. Not just those who provide lip service with discontent in their hearts.

“And the heavens proclaim His Righteousness, for GOD Himself IS Judge.” V6.

God alone established His standard so it is God alone that will determine and JUDGE rightly, in regards to the adherence and the value a person they themselves have placed upon it, His WORD. So we see a seperation occuring in the midst of the chaos, those that would follow the principles of God and those that would cast off their restraints and pursue pleasure (safety) unto their own destruction. Here in verses 16-22 God deals directly with those that think themselves wise in this world, and seemingly mock God and His Holy WORD. Some familiar names might pop in to your head as you read.

“But to the wicked, GOD says: “What right have you to recite MY LAWS or take MY COVENANT on your lips? You hate MY Instruction and cast MY WORDS behind you. When you see a theif, you join with him; you throw your lot in with adulterers. You use your mouth for evil and harness your tongue to deceit (lies). You speak continually against your brother and slander your own mother’s son. These things you have done and I kept silent; you thought I was altogether like you.

But I WILL REBUKE you and accuse you to your face.

CONSIDER this, you who forget GOD, or I will tear you to pieces with None to rescue.”

The Day of Reckoning

What an indictment against the “woke” “politically correct” “culture canceling” “religious-inclusiveness” and “race baiting” mantra of todays liberal left and demon-cratic party! Yes they pretend to stand up for God and even quote a scripture every now and again. How dare anyone think they can mock God and it will not return upon their own head. His Day of Reckoning is quickly approaching. And it would be wise to heed the WORDS of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY..

Psalms 50:23 He who sacrifices Thank offerings honors me, and he Prepares the Way so that I MAY SHOW him the Salvation of GOD.

We as in ALL believers are called to Prepare The Way of the coming of The LORD, as Elijah/John the Baptist, we should be thankful for ALL Gods continued blessing and provision. And GOD Himself will reveal to us His Salvation.

A day is coming, it is not a pleasant day, but one of calamity and grief. The Day of Reckoning will reveal by fire what your house is made of.

Consecrate to seperate. The Sheep from the goats and the Wheat from the tares!

The Way of salvation, God or Yah IS salvation, we call Him Yeshua or Jesus. Do you KNOW HIM?

Prophecy or Discernment

Does it take a Prophet to see what is going on in the state, national, and even global geo-political spectrum to understand we are living in “Prophetic” times? We can and should be able to state the obvious We are Living in The Last Days, the days leading up to the following events for human history.

The Apostasy or “falling” away; as many so called self prophesed “christians” will conduct themselves in a more and more wordly fashion, nations will continue to sink lower and lower into “Depravity”. In the mean time God will be advancing His Kingdom for a final threshing for the The Great Harvest. Time to gather the grapes.

The Rapture or “taken/caught Up”; The Body of Christ (Bride) in the earth will be removed. The Body is the container of The Holy Spirit of God and will likewise be “taken” out of the Way to “reveal” the Lawless One.

The False Prophet and Messiah or global universal inclusive religion and the one that shall restore “order” from the chaos. He will bring “economic stability” and “peace” to the nations including The Covenant with Israel, preparing the way for the Third Temple. Which will bring about a psuedo peace for a moment in time, that appears on the surface to be “Utopia” on earth. This will be a short lived reign as the Lie and deception eventually comes to the light of day.

WAR will inevitiably return to the Middle East this time with ALL the nations, most noted will be Gog and Magog; Russia and Turkey, Assyria; Syria and Mosul, Babylon; Iraq and Iran, China 2 million man Army marches for the oil fileds. All turned toward Israel and Jerusalem in particular. The winepress of His fury has been filling the cup of judgement and destruction and is about to be released upon humankind.

A prophet does not need to see or hear that which has been already given. But to be a student and discerner of God’s WORD. To gain understanding to the revelation already revealed. The Prophet MUST be the intrument that sounds the alarm, that blows the shofar loudy for ALL to hear. The Watchman is the Standard for these End Times. To see and to discern, and to make known, the approaching condition as mans final days until all prophecy and scripture is fufilled.

Make hast and make ready, be watchful, and as obedient children of the “light” rescue as many as are held in darkness and captivity.

The Lord Bless you and keep you

The LORD make His FACE Shine upon you and be gracious to you

The LORD lift up His countenance to you and give you PEACE.

Stand Firm with your Sheild ready.

Choosing a Destiny

Is it risky as well as being found worthy, to become identified with a person, a group, or an ideal and to speak or to declare your choice boldly and courageously and then be willing to be known by that stance and that decree. In the Book of John the 8th chapter verses 12-47; Jesus testifies to the religious leadersip that their father (abba) was a Murderer, a Theif, and a Liar from the beginning. He referred to him as the devil/satan. That they didnt “know” God the Father (Abba) for if they had they would have known Him, the Christ. However shortly afterwards they confirmed in truth who was indeed their abba resulting in the identifying and labeling of their heritage.

After interrogating Jesus, Pilate offered to release a wicked man, who was known and imprisoned for being a liar, a thief, a murderer. His name “Barabbas” or Barabba, which means in Greek/Hebrew “son of my father”. When faced with the choice between releasing Jesus (YHWH is Salvation) whom being found innocent by Pilate, they choose him who represented their father, Barabbas. Thus sealing their destiny and declaring themselves the sons of their father the devil. [Matthew 27, Jn 18:40]

This is not an indictment of just the religious of the day, for we all have often made that same choice in less signifacant terms, however we presently find ourselves in a moment in time where we must make a hard choice of the two and declare who is Our Father, Our Abba, to whom we will be identified with. The other side is the side of the world, and its values and views, the one that rules that kingdom…bar abba…is seeking those for whom he may devour, to be his children of disobedience.

We must as believers answer the call and commit to the urgent task ahead as the early church did, that is this. Christ Jesus is about to return, and were moved (by the Spirit of God) to spread the Gospel. Reaching out in every nook and cranny of every town and city to redeem men for God, to fill His Storehouse!

Many prophetic scriptures point to a coming moment in time, when The LORD God Almighty will summon His Son, it is Time, Go and fetch your Bride from the earth. We will be harvested, that is gathered together unto Him. Into His Father’s House and be there with Him for eternity. I know of a certainty which Abba is mine and to whom I belong, which side of the Line I stand upon.

The LINE is not clouded nor obscurred, it is quite clearly seen by all. It is TIME my dear friend to choose your side as the Lord of Heaven declares in Rev. 3:14-16 paraphrased here slightly …I wish you were either HOT or COLD but since you are Lukewarm I will vomit you out! No longer can we straddle the LINE, one foot in the world with one foot in the kingdom of God. There is no longer any “gray” area, a middle of the road faith or Christianity. It is time to be ALL IN!

You Get to Choose Your Destiny!!!

The Grand Prize

What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of man? Are we all that there is in the galaxy, the universe? These questions have been pondered and asked through the millenia of mans existence. So is there an answer to these fundamental and essential inquiries? I would like to take a moment to address and contemplate possible answers and or perspectives to these monumental questions.

Let’s first look at man, to be more specific humanity. We are much like all the other creatures we share this planet with yet we are completely different in the sense we have the unquie ability to alter and change our environment and our understanding. So man is of this planet yet something mysteriously seems to demand that we are so much more than our co-inhabitants.

The Bible tells us that we like the animals of the field, came from the dust of the ground, so chemically we are made of the same biological material, yet every system and kind is unique to its very own species, the same is true as for fruit and or green herb bearing seed, the ability to reproduce; that is to replicate its species. So what really makes man totaly uniquie MUST be found in the following passage; …Genesis 2:7″ -The LORD God… breathed into him the “breath of life” (breath or spirit: Ruach in Hebrew is the word for the Holy Spirit )and man became a “living” soul. This “soul” or conscience being is what is described as in God’s likeness, and in His image and he was ALIVE living in God’s presence. Not one of the rest of ALL the species in all of the abundance of Life on this planet was given this same quality. So if the Bible is true, in regards to our uniquness at the time of creation, then it might help us to explain some of the questions mentioned above. So it is from that perspective and platform which we shall embark to derive for some concludable answer to these same inquiries.

Two events occurred in the Book of Genesis [2:16,17] [3:1-24] that also need to be mentioned and briefly expounded upon. Firstly, lets take look at The Tree of The “Knowledge” of Good and Evil, and The Tree of Life. This is really the “genesis” or the beginning of Understanding to answering our questions. In summary God had told mankind (Adam=man/Eve=all man comes from) they could not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or they would surely die. The “serpent” subtly and manipulatively deceived them into “corruption” and death came into the world, this death is mostly applied to the death as in now being seperated from God and our “conscience being” no longer in God’s image but rather in the image of the “serpent”, the image of “a corrupted entity”. So from the very beginning of our existence we have been engaged in this turmoil of which image we desire to choose for ourselves. An image of corruption or the image of God that fashioned us. Lets define this corrupt image as sin, and define the God image as Righteous. The Tree of the “Knowledge” of good and evil vs. The Tree of Life. As soon as mankind made the choice of the “corrupt” tree God instantly placed a barrier to the Tree of Life, so that mankind could not eat of it and be forever lost in and to “corruption” sin. Almost like it was scripted, the plan was laid out for how God would provide a “WAY” for mankind to be re-established in “TRUTH” and Righteousness and eat freely from The Tree of “LIFE”. Now for the Second event in Genesis, that will hopefully leads to the answers we seek. After corrupting themsleves mankind and the earth itself was sentenced to produce hardships and burdensome labor to include child bearing in agony simply to receive that which was once provided freely from the earth. Also this, The LORD God declared this sentence upon the “Corrupt serpent” a human being (man) shall crush his head and the serpent shall bruise his heel. Now we are beginning to see a strategy and plan unfold throughout the course of human history, the plan we shall call “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption” its purpose is for God himself to provide a sacrifice in order to redeem a corrupted species and be restored not only to its original condition, but elevated beyond anything anyone other than the “serpant” fully could comprehend. Eternity in Glory with The LORD God, The Creator of All things.

To put this plan into action would require nations, kings and kingdoms and millenia as well as implementing covenants, timing, and execution of the plan, to go from The Garden, thoughout human history up til today. The Lord God laid out His redemptive plan and allowed humans their very own part to play in His divine strategy. It is For mankind, and implemened through mankind, but make certain to note that it is God’s plan. It is declared in scripture through the psalter as follows. Psalms 8:4,5 & Hebrews 2:6-7 “Who is man that you are mindful of him, or the son of man that you care for him. You made him (mankind) a little lower (made of dust/dirt) than the angels (spiritual entities of such is the “serpent”) and crowned him with Glory and Honor”. And again in Hebrews 1:5 “To which of the angels did God ever say You are my Son;”… finally in Philippians 2:6-11 v.9 “…God has given him THE name (Ha Shem) which is above evey name…”.

So here we see the glimpse of the Grand Prize and the answers to our questions.

Who is man?

We are and were created not only in the image of our Creator- LORD God, but we were destined from the dust of the earth to inherit a place among the immortal glorious beings in an undescribale glorious kingdom. Not only as residents but as Heirs of The Way The Truth and The Life, The only begotten Son of God and Son of Man. As joint heirs we find ourselves in a place of relational authority which is higher than that of the created Angelic Host. To this end, which is why that old serpent the devil, Satan hates ALL of humanity and it bothers him not one tiny bit how he may deceive or blind or confuse the massess to their own ruin and destruction for he knows his own fate. He also knows quite well the Glory that awaits for those that would Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. We shall become that which he forefeited by his rebellion, The Instruments of Praise and Worhip to the Only True God and King.

What is our purpose?

To make known to as many as would believe “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption”. Which is none other than this; The Lord God provided Himself a sacrificial lamb, by whose blood there is complete, not only removal of the “corrupted” image – sin, but a restoration of the True image we were created for; Fellowship and relationship with Our God and His Kingdom of Righteousness, it is not earned or worked for, nor can it be purchased it is simply confirmed by the commitment of your heart and soul.

Are we alone?

Obviously we are not alone, as hosts of angelic beings are described throughout all of scripture (in Hebrew they are called the “bena ha Elohim” or sons of god in Genesis 6 and Job 1) and are on both sides of the battlefield, and make NO MISTAKE about it it is a battlefield, and the War being waged is for the “Redemption of the Souls of mankind”.

We do not see all that there is to see in Truth, only what these natural eyes can see.

Eyes have not seen nor ears heard what awaits in store for those that hear His voice and endure with patience and long suffering, until ALL is completed that has been declared from the beginning.

The Grand Prize is this. Jesus of Nazereth who for the joy and Glory that awaited him on the other side endured the Cross, we get to encounter and partake in this Glory and in this Kingdom. He made the plan. He established the Covenants, He came in the Flesh, He paid the price, He has redeemed us from corruption into glory. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life and He gives us access to The Tree of Life.

Gods Grace – God’s Glory Hebrews 12

There are dimensions or realms and spiritual entities at work all around us both for good and for evil. If we do not embrace the Truth, we will then never be able to engage in the battle. And if we never do either we will never get to experience the joy that is The Grand Prize. Only observe it as we fall into damnation with that old “serpent”.

The choice as it always comes down to, which tree do you wish to eat from and which image do you desire? Choose you this day whom you shall serve, make it a wise choice for today could impact eternity not only for yourself but for anyone you encounter.

GOD Bless each and everyone of you, and I thank you taking time to read my blogs, and above all else I hope it speaks to your soul.

Memorial Day

Many times throughout history peoples and nations have been attempting to memorialize the actions and conduct of a person, a group, or even certain events both tragic as well as awe inspiring.

In the Book of Joshua, as the nation of Israel was about to enter into “The Promised Land”, The LORD God instructed Joshua that when they crossed the river Jordan they were to take 12 stones ( 1 for each of the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel) from the middle of the river and set up a monument as a memorial to future generations to see and inquire as to the meaning thus paving the way to ensure events are never lost or forgotten.

In America in recent years we have seen historical monuments and statues removed and torn down. This was not done so that as a nation we might dialogue about the past and the meanings of such, rather it was to re-write the historical narrative to fit an unholy agenda. I say it is unholy because I believe it is to weaken the foundational pillars of the Nation to “fundamentally transform it” into something that it was not created nor ever intended to pursue: Socialism. If we as a Nation do not hold onto our Memorials, foundations, our tributary icons we will have witnessed the abolishment of Liberty itself in America, and that is UNHOLY!

We as Americans have a day set apart on our annual calendar to pay tribute to, to remember, to reflect upon, and to strive towards fruition of this ideal; Memorial Day! Is it just a day off work? Is it another reason to have a bbq picnic? How many Americans even know what Memorial Day represents?

Memorial Day is the day when we as a Nation are suppossed to honor ALL that have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice for the ideal that Our nation was founded upon. The ideal of Liberty. Liberty is not a foreign concept for as God instructed Joshua in regards to the stones from the river, this was in response to the Liberty and freedom they were about to enter into after four hundred years or tyranny, bondage, enslavement.

Liberty and freedom is The purpose and the goal to which ALL these have battled, bled, and died for. Starting with Jesus of Nazareth through the millenia many good and noble people of character have given of themselves that “last full measure” of devotion to this cause. For there are only Two that have laid their life down so that you and I might know Liberty and Freedom; that is Jesus the Christ and every American patriot-soldier!

So as we Celebrate this Memorial Day, May 31, 2021 Do not let the day go by without talking about, discussing, and sharing the ideal for which they died… Liberty/Freedom!!!

Honor their great sacrifice, by striving to understand why another person would willingly lay down the preciousness of life so that others would walk in freedom.

Father God YOU are The Author of Liberty and Freedom, it is Your desire that none should be held captive by any ruler be it the devil or a tyrannical government. Grant us understanding to the cause of freedom and liberty so that we might share in the sacred preservation of that which so many have given so great a sacrifice. Walk with and empower each one of your children to promote, stand for , and if required be willing to offer ourselves on that sacred altar, that Memorial of LIBERTY!

Lord Jesus receive with Open Arms those that have given it All
Long Live LIBERTY!
All gave some…
Some gave ALL!!!

God Bless

Harvesting and Rejoicing Ahead

Psalms 126 A Song of Ascension 1-6

When The Lord begins, and He IS beginning, to bring back that is to restore/rescue those that have been bound by satan, INTO His Marvelous Kingdom, laughter and JOY will fill our hearts, our mouth and tongue in unity will declare it!

Then the nations, the world around us; the eyes and ears of the witnesses around our daily lives will give Testimony to The Truth. Great are You LORD and Mighty are your works and deeds your exloits of Power over every thing!

Even the barren places, the wilderness will teem with life. Many there are that for many years have in earnest prayer watered and sown seed. Inspite of doubtfulness and sadness they continued their laborous toil, they have gown out in sorrow with tears, yet they will return with dancing and joyfullness bringing with them the fruit of their labor.

The Sheaves of Wheat are the Souls that will be Harvested in these Last Days!

Pray that The LORD would send Laborors into The Harvest Field.

Such a Big Word; IF

Did you know the word IF is in 63 of the 66 books in the Bible according to Strong’s concordance (KJV), to which you might think, that is not so surprising or such a Big deal. We will look at IF in this context; an IF leading to a Then equaling A Promise (Blessing or cursing) which leads to a Reward or fruition (or the fruit borne) of that promise. Much hinges and is dependant upon that tiny two letter word IF.

If my people who are called by My Name…2 Chr. 7:14

IF you seek him….2 Chr. 15:2

If you do what is Right…Genesis 4:7

IF you listen carefully to what He says….Exodus 23:22

My son (daughter) IF you accept My Words….Pr. 2:1

In each of the above mentioned scripture refrence thare is A direct promise that is attached to the IF, you should and I highly recommend you read for yourself what those Promises are for your life. Well those are OT refrences and “We are not under The Law” as often is the justification by many Christians today, so lets look at some NT teaching. Since He changes NOT!

IF you knew the gift of God… Jn 4:10

Today IF you harden not your heart… , Acts 3:7,8

IF you Believe in your Heart and Confess with Your mouth that Jesus Christ IS LORD, and that God the Father raised Him from the Dead Then you too Shall be Saved. Ro. 10:9,10

ALL of The Bibles Promises of God are for ALL those that have put their Faith and Trust and Hope in Jesus (Yeshua) The Messiah. For ALL the promises of God in HIM are Yes and Amen.

Choices and Consequences

Promise: Blessing or Cursing

Fruit: Eternity = Life or Death

IF means You have a Choice
Then means there is a Consequence

Who is Running the Country?

Proverbs 28:2a

When a country is “Rebellious” it has many rulers.

The Master of Puppets

Do we have a “rebellious” country? Well if we were to analyze all the evidence that is afforded to us, then the answer is astoundingly YES.

We have politicians over stepping their assigned authority, we have laws not being enforced. Not that Law Enforcment is not doing their jobs, but are being prohibitted from executing their sworn duties. Yes we have an overwhelmingly “Rebellious”: political wing in power. And new laws or Executive Orders contrary to existing laws and Constitutional Rights are being implemented against its citizens. The people that are implementing this charade of “rebellion” are urging the counter culture “Revolution” as they want to refer to it as. To what are they “Rebelling” The Founding Principals of this Country, its foundations, its heritiage, its legacy, its future.

So Who is Running the Country? Certainly not the guy they have “placed” in The White House. The one who cannot complete a coherant thought, or seems to be on the verge of mental and or physical collapse. An elder abuse case should be brought against those that are coercing this man. Is it the VP? Perhaps, or is it a group of others? Lets look and consider some possibilities of who may be calling the shots “behind the veil”. Former President B. H. Obama; ok well he is on record as having stated he would like to run his third term from a basement, while just being the voice in the ear of the “stooge” in the Limelight…hmmm man that sure sounds eerily coincedental. Who else might be the Puppet Masters pulling the strings of the puppet president? Many have heard of George Soros, the CCP, the Illuminati, the Bilderburg Group, the Bohemian Grove Society, The Clinton’s, Gates, Fauci, and a host of others that have a Globalist Agenda. As stated above a “Rebellious” country has many rulers, we may never get to see their faces, we may know their names. The only solution for turning things around, to where we know…”Who is Running the Country”…We The People of These United States…, is to return to a Righteousness seeking Nation. To Repent of our seeking after wickedness and laughing at abominable detestible things. To seek after the God of The Bible, the true underlying foundation the cornerstone of this country. That is what has been the point of the “Rebellion”.

To close also in Proverbs 28:12,28 it says that “when the wicked rise to power men hide.” We cannot be those that hide, we must be likened unto the the ones mentioned in 28:1 “…but the RIGHTEOUS are as BOLD as a LION“. We are to be boldly Standing in direct oppostion to wicked men, and wickedness in EVERY realm, it is Our sacred duty!

Thus FAR and NO MORE!!!