A Family Name (pt. 2)

In the original post ” A Family Name” I left with a thought to carry over or to ponder upon that is to meditate (chew the cud). That thought or principal is a Truth that identifies who we are IN Christ. If we start our journey as “Baby Believers” but never mature into a full understanding of the Authority, Power, and Responsibility that comes along with that adoption into the Family of God Most High. How then can we, as a single member or congregational body ever hope to fulfill “The Great Commission” to GO into All the world baptize in the Name of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and to make disciples of All the nations .

Jesus told His disciples that it was better for them (us) that He go, so that He could send another, that is The Holy Spirit. Again, He states that we as disciples of Jesus and endued with the Power of The Holy Spirit would do Greater works than He himself demonstrated. These “works” are the signs and wonders that are evident throughout the entirety of scripture yet we will remain solely focused on the aspect of New Testament Spirit filled believers as documented for us in The Book of Acts, and various epistle writings. A Resurrected Messiah declared “All Authority has been given unto ME”. Now by ALL He certainly means ALL, and He has given this Authority to His ambassadors in the earth (ecclesia) living stones – believers disciples, which is The Church to continue His ministry while He is on the task that He embarked on which is to prepare a place for His Bride, for those that believe in His Name.

We as believers are identified as Joint-Heirs of the Messiah. As Joint-heirs, it prophetically describes and declares us as a fulfilment as equal brothers and sisters to our brother and friend Jesus (Yehsua HaMashiach). Paul writes in that we have been blessed with ALL spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus, once again ALL means ALL. The Lord has graciously provided ALL that we need to not only overcome, but to be fully equipped to walk in the authority and power of His Name and Position, we represent and carry with in us the Divine nature and attributes of The Living and Eternal God of ALL things. We must therefore begin to become fully aware and walk in the “knowledge” of who and what we are in Christ Jesus. By knowledge I am not speaking of simple intellectual knowledge but a more biblical application of “knowledge” which would imply a more intimate revelatory relationship, that comes from spending time with and IN Him. And the two shall become One.

So for The Family Name and The Household of God; Honor it, Respect it, Represent it well.

HIS Name, HIS Dwelling Place – The Family Name
The LORD’s House as it was the place for His Name; you heart and mind are now the place He chooses to dwell.

As a Holy Roar is about to be heard throughout the world there will be many that are moved and drawn close to the Fire of the Altar of God. It is for this time that we must all be called to account for our Witness and our Testimony of Jesus The Christ, Son of God, God Incarnate…He Who WAS and Who IS and Who IS TO COME!

Matthew 28, Acts, Romans 8, & Ephesians 1: Readings

Behind the Veil

An evil lurks in our midst, it once was very sneaky and concealed so much of its intentions, but now it has gained more power and control. It has now reared its ugliness for those to see that have eyes to see.

I have a link embedded for those that think Trump supporters acted alone on the orders of the President of The United States of America, what a completely far fetched ridiculous concept. So they want to impeach, again well then WHO is responsible for the orders given to the other side that most definitely was there and intent on doing violence and harm. Yes, I know that “Trump” supporters did enter the Capitol and those that did violence should be held to account “ALL OF THEM”. That is not the issue at hand honestly. The real and much larger issue is that the “Left” has been trying tooth and nail to remove, slander, and tarnish a POTUS with 4 years…his complete presidency…with Lies, “Fake one sided news” by a lame main stream media that has more in common with corruption and globalists than it does with True journalistic efforts. I am not one to worship the man Donald J. Trump, however I did not see or hear any of this type of outrage and conduct from said media or ANY of these phony democratic leaders of outward attacks of Our Constitutional Republic during the Obama administration years, occupy wall street, BLM, Antifa riots over the summer, statues torn down, intimidation tactics on innocent people “Maxine Waters” no they were complicit and encouraging to ALL of it. I do not know what it will take for American citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed to understand what is truly going on behind the veil of deception.

A Glimpse Behind the Veil

They apparently, are wishing to “Transform” America to quote Obama and Schumer. Into what exactly? A free independent people and society, nothing could be further from the truth. As we see the censorship by Big Tech, oppressive government officials towards small business owners across this country, demonizing those that still believe in our Nations principals and founding documents that establish the framework of a free and independent people. Oh they wish to transform this great land into a cesspool of poverty and homelessness (look at SF yes Nancy Pelosi and her nephew Gavin Newsome’s pet project) while multitudes rely on the generosity of the government handouts.

Take a Peek into The Real Plan

Wake UP! Look for yourselves just a little deeper, just past the obscured vision they wish to cast. Think for yourselves as a liberated individual would you rather be fed like an animal at the zoo or free to struggle and pursue a better life for yourself, and those YOU love. The Master of Lies and deception lurks just behind the veil of what we ALL see and know is happening. Pray for the scales to be removed before it IS too late.

May the Peace of Almighty God keep you and sustain you during these times of testing.

A Glimpse, a Foreshadowing of the Coming Darkness

Revelation 13

Pan’s Cave at the base of Mount Hermon

And he shall “cause” many to take the mark of the beast or the number of his name. We see in the United States a complete out right subversive agenda to not only push a coup via “FALSE” election protocols, but now an egregious attack against all that oppose the “New Way”, silencing the opposition, an assault of civil liberties and Constitutional RIGHTS; but only if you are not on the side of the corrupted, delusional, and reprobate influence of the political left. If you are on that side, well then apparently anything goes. Can you see the unfolding of the words of the prophets? We do not need a crystal ball to discern that which we have been warned of dear friends. This is NOT that time, this is our glimpse into what lies ahead. To give us as believers a sense of urgency to reach not only our loved ones for the sake of the kingdom, but also for those we think of as enemies or unlovely. He, Christ Jesus, died for each one of us in all of our filth, sin and shame. The “Church” MUST Rise up in this moment, I do not mean a corporate body of believers but each individual member functioning and thriving in the Spirit fulfilling each divine calling and purpose. If we as believers DO NOT embrace this opportunity, then The Lord will discipline those that He Loves. This glimpse into the “Tribulation Period” is a pale comparison to the horrific atrocities that await those that will be remaining to endure and perhaps be beheaded for their faith. Then as now we see a portion of an elitist group that will not yield or repent to the rebuke of The Lord God.

It is time to be real about ones faith in Christ. To KNOW WHAT you believe and WHY you believe it. The Light must breakthrough the darkness, so that the Lost might see it and be delivered from the destruction of their souls. Be not Hearers of the Word only, but be Doers of the Word. James 1:21-24.

The world and evil will continue to become more and more depraved as it drifts further and further from the Truth of The Light, we MUST bring the Light to them.

My prayer is that All that call upon the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ be fully equipped in their minds just as they have been fully equipped with ALL authority and spiritual blessings in Christ. Not for the sake of a “Revival” but for the NEED of a Harvest of souls, before the last grain of sand falls from the hours glass.

Time is running out church!

Patriotic Liberty

THE LORD Our Banner!

The Banner under which we rally as patriotic citizens is not just the emblem of the flag of our nation, for we as Followers of Christ are citizens of an eternal Kingdom and The Banner over us is Righteousness (Jer.33:15,16)! We are A FREE people and have been set FREE. No longer to be led as cattle, herded and packed into crowded cities. More and more Fear driving people towards dependency on “the state”. How long will we waiver, how long will we tolerate the insidious implementation of wickedness and lawlessness. The Solution for humanities issues…Will Not Be found at the well wishes of a Government program of this World or by those that seek to impose it.

It is TIME for the Body of Christ, The Church, to STAND. To reclaim the promise and purpose to which we have been called; to walk in the divine nature and power and authority of Him who redeemed us and to demonstrate who we are to be in the world.

In it but not of it!

Jesus told His disciples to be “as wise as serpents, yet gentle as doves”. We need to see and understand the wiles and schemes of our adversary the devil. The plans he is attempting to implement on a global scale not only in the United States, but in these United States we are built upon a prophetic purpose to proclaim LIBERTY and blessing and peace and hope. We are the last Light of Liberty in the world, and as we begin to see the implementation of persecution to those that call upon the Name of The Lord, we MUST Rise Up and Stand Firm in the Power of His Might. And minister to those in need in a perfect Love that comes only from One source, One untainted Pure and Holy River of Living Water. We Do Not shrink back or do our biding in the shadows, but in boldness and confidence no longer in silent submission we will begin to see it flow out into the streets, the workplaces, the market place. Simple men and women young and old alike operating in the Supernatural power of The Living God, bringing the lost home, restoring sight to the blind, the deaf ears unstopped, the dead raised to life in the Name of Jesus (Yeshua) of Nazareth, The Christ, The King, The LORD of Glory!!!

“And the gates of hell WILL NOT prevail against it” declares The Lord!

May you find the Peace, the Joy, and the Strength of Knowing Him

A Family Name

Whose household do you belong to, is it your household? Do you establish the code of conduct within its boundaries? Is it your name that is attached to that address or deed? So what’s in a name and what has it to do with a household?

The Name associated with a dwelling such as oh that’s the Smith’s house or the Jones’s…it describes the occupants of the dwelling and others will form an opinion based on the perception of the conduct of the residents. Now imagine, your last name becoming Gates, or Zuckerberg, or Bezos. You have just been adopted into a family of great wealth and influence. You will need to be educated and willing to apply All the new opportunities to which you have been made a part of. You will be expected to behave and conduct yourself in a certain manner. Because of the family name you now are associated with.

For Christianity we have some what of a loss of identity: Christ followers, Followers of The Way, Disciples of Christ or just simple Christian; are we catholic, protestant, liturgical, evangelical, or ecumenical? Perhaps Baptist or Calvary Chapel, Four Square or Pentecostal? The Name is important because it identifies us with The Name of the Owner of whose Household we Belong to. There is a move of The Spirit of God currently sweeping through the land, one that will help restore a unified voice for a unified body to the Name of the Household of which we all belong.

YHWH, I AM, The Name above All names Jesus (Yeshua) The Messiah (HaMashiach) The LORD HAS provided an opportunity for ALL to be adopted into A Family Name so FAR above those names listed previously. The Son purchased for The Father (ABBA) many Sons and Daughters and have been brought into the Family of The Most High God. A lot of understanding and learning must be applied to walk in the fullness of what ALL that entails. From the moment of conception (conversion) of the New birth we are instructed to be renewed in our minds, led and taught of The Holy Spirit, study to show ourselves approved to rightly divide (discern) the Word of Truth. To grow from Milk as newborns to Meat as disciples, ambassadors, spiritual warriors, as Joint heirs of Jesus the Christ. So if we will wear and bear the Name of The Lord Our God with with honor, dignity, respect, and learn to walk in the fullness of The Name of The Household to which we confess we belong. Then we will begin to see the fullness of Faith as a Mustard seed, Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.

One Name One Family in The Kingdom of Heaven

[Mat. 17:20, Lk. 17:6, 18:8, Ro. 8, Eph. 1:5, 4, Col. 1:27, Phil. 2:9]

We are Children of The Lord God Almighty; Joint Heirs with Jesus – I think I will leave you with that pondering thought until next time or part two of this series.

May The LORD of Heaven and earth, He who Alone is Worthy Bless you, keep you, and sustain you in this upcoming year as we all seek to draw closer to Him.

The Twisting Turning Waiting

Ecclesiates 4:12

The “Teacher” states that a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken. Often times we attempt to go through life in our own strength and ability. A single simple strand of fiber offers some measure of support and strength but fails when needed most. Yet, when braided in strands of three it becomes a life line of strength that is able to carry, support, to hoist or to lower whatever it is we are in need of. Three in one, a single rope is a braided work of 3 strands or 3 cords, much like The Tri-un God head (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) when we recognize our dependency and need of Him in our lives for He is the Life line for our weary souls!

The Life line; Isaiah 40

Isaiah also states that “they that WAIT upon the Lord”. The word “wait” here in Hebrew is “qavaw” and it means to entwine or to be yoked with – twisted together, supernaturally strengthening those that will take the time to be braided into and along with The Three Strong Cords of The Most High God. The Bread, The Oil, The Fire! The Word, The Anointing, The Presence!!!

So whether we are in need of a drink of Water from The Wellspring of God, or in need of an Anchor to steady our souls in times of the Tempests in life. This Life Line is the source of strength and steadfastness, to renew our weariness and to firmly re-establish our feet upon the sure foundation.

Whether a bucket or an anchor, A Rope tightly fastened will secure and sustain you

The Twisting Turning Waiting upon The Lord is actively Allowing ourselves to be braided together in HIM! So that we might be that life line for one another.

As a Little Child

Proverbs 22:6, 15

The Sheep KNOW the Voice of The GOOD SHEPHERD. John 10:1-18!

Speaks of training up a “child” in the Way they should go, and when older will not depart from that Way. Also, that “folly” or disobedience/rebellion is BOUND up in the Heart of a “child” but the Rod of discipline will drive it far from them. The Way is Narrow and few there are that find it. The WORD which is that “Rod” of discipline, thy Rod and Thy Staff they comfort me (Ps.23). Discipline and boundaries are what creates an area of “Safety and Security” in a small child. Many have come to the Lord as adults, yet we need to come to Him as a small child (Lk. 18:2). To learn of Him and from Him. He changes not, so His Word is established for All generations. To grow in Understanding and Wisdom. The Word is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He IS The WORD, and the written WORD points and leads us Always back to Him. The Lord disciplines those that He Loves, do not shrink back at His correction or rebuke, a pruning is sometimes needed to bare more fruit.

As we enter into this “Christmas” season may we remember to approach the Father, as a humble, small, shapeable child. More so than looking at Our Redeemer as that innocent child for He is Now the exalted KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.

May The Lord Bless each and Everyone of You!

Tread upon the Waves

There are times in life when it all just seems too much, we think there has got to be a better way. This has been an overburdening year, and there seems to be a heaviness at every turn. Darkness is Fear and Oppression, the Peace of Christ is Love and Liberty. When Peter stepped out of the boat he tread upon the waves; as he kept his heart and mind on Christ Jesus. But the cares of this world (waves and winds) distracted him and he began to sink beneath the oppressive burden of darkness.

Mathew 14:22-31

But He (Jesus the LORD) reached down His hand!!! Thank you Lord God that You are ever near, to rescue and to deliver. Peter was beneath the waves, how far down matters not! The Lords reach is not weak “for no thing Shall separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus”(Yeshua). Romans 8:34-39.

David knew how precious the love and presence of The Lord was and how it knew no bounds to Reveal His Strong Right Arm! Psalms 40, 139. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire (waves and wind), he set my feet upon a ROCK and gave me a Firm place to Stand. Where can I go from Your Spirit? Where can I flee Your Presence? He put a New Song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to Our God. Many will SEE and Fear and put their trust in the Lord.

Our struggles our trials take us to a place of dependency on the Living God and this is what gives the Testimony of His Great Love to those that that are still oppressed by darkness. Let others see our struggle, our faith, our praise of His Faithfulness. The Liberating Love and Peace of Christ overcomes and sets the captive free!

May The LORD of Heaven and earth Bless you all Richly!

A Heavenly Perspective

Colossians 3:1,2…set you Hearts on things Above where Christ is seated at the Right Hand of God. Set your Minds on things above, not on earthly things.

We often hear the phrase to not be so heavenly minded we are no earthly good. How about we change our thinking and bring it into alignment with the Word of God, to transform our thinking so that we might become so Kingdom minded we are no worldly good. Paul writes again in Philippians 4:8 The Original Power of Positive thinking; Whatsoever is TRUE, Noble, Right, Pure, Lovely, Admirable- If anything is Excellent or Praiseworthy some translations say Virtue, Think on these things. Our vision our thoughts MUST align with the framework and foundation of Heaven, this is our future home, we best get to learning how to operate in it. Having our Minds RENEWED by the Washing of Water through the Word, to gain a Heavenly Perspective.

Vision is cast by the frame of Perspective

The Deep

In the night watches and in the early morning hours my souls cries out to You The Living and Eternal God. To meditate upon Your Words to seek and to understand them as to have them written upon the fibers of my being; my heart and mind prepared to Hear the calling, to hear that small still distinct voice in the depths.

Pslams 42:7 As Deep calls unto Deep. Elijah was summoned by a small still voice, not in the whirlwind nor even in the mighty mountain quaking. A turbulent river, is most evident where it is shallow. Silent waters run deep; do you see the pools of deep where the water appears calm. I will lead you beside the “still Waters” and there I will nourish you and refresh you and restore you declares The Lord.

The Lord is calling us into a deep water experience. In Ezekiel chapter 47 we find a River flowing out from under the Throne of God! The River starts as only ankle Deep, Calling out to knee Deep, Calling Out to waist Deep, Calling Out to submerged- submitted-surrendered-fully engulfed – All In -abandoned-Deep. Here the prophet declares there is an abundance of LIFE in that Deep and that it feeds into A place that was dead and brings LIFE to it. This same River in Revelations 22 nourishes The Tree of Life [Gen. 1, Ps 1] The fruit and the leaves of Our Deep Water calling our abiding in Him the “Deep” is for the sustainment of Life and Healing of nations. An “Awakening” is under way, a “Revival” a “Move of God” a fresh flow of The River of God, that we are being called into The Deep.

Take us Deeper Lord so that You and Only You would remain, for You Alone are the source of Life and apart from You we can do nothing.

“Put out into The Deep Water…” Says the Lord!